Critical illness claims after stroke


I am recovering from a stroke and the subsequent mechanical thrombectomy I had three weeks ago. The majority of my initial symptomsu(unable to speak, loss of use of my right hand side) have eased. I am however left with fatigue, memory loss and brain fog/confusion not to mention a mental battle trying to comprehend what has happened.

During my recovery I have spoken with a number of friends and they asked if had critical illness cover as i may be elligble to claim. I am 37 years old and previously very fit and active so the thought of having to make a claim like this had never occurred to me.

So I guess I’m here looking for some guidance and advice from people who may have gone through the claims process after suffering a stroke. Sorry if this appears basic but i’m not sure where to begin.

Appreciate any help you may be able to provide.

@DY84 hello, welcome to the forum. I’m very sorry you’ve experienced this stroke so young. I don’t have any idea about claiming but I think you have came to the right place. Hopefully someone can point you in the correct direction as where to start. I wish you lots of luck and a speedy recovery best wishes. Loraine :blush:

Hi, sorry to hear a about your plight. Maybe the stoke association could help, if not try citizens advice. Sorry I can’t give you any more information, haven’t had to go through that. Take care and keep your chin up, I am sure you will find a way to sort this out. Jane.

Hi @DY84, welcome though so sorry you’ve had a stroke. Pleased to hear you’re making progress.

If you have a life insurance policy that includes critical illness cover, you’ll have to contact the insurance company to get a form (or claims link) for you to start your claim.

Also, your employer may have some cover in place for their employees, you could contact HR to see if you have that sort of cover in place for their employees.

I haven’t made that sort of claim myself, so I don’t know the type of questions they ask.

Best wishes, hope all goes well with you and your claim.

Hi , sorry to hear of your stroke. Not really answering your question! But bit of advice with insurance companies in general. Many years ran my own building, property maintenance company. Home insurance / started add on emergency cover. We carried a lot out for them. Burst pipes, storm damage, & through the night. Turn up asess, client talk to insurance & we would confirm. Always suggested to client, to run their possible discussion, with us FIRST ! ie think carefully & slowly how to explain. The times I would see them or later the asesores wriggle out of claim, was shameful. Sometimes, being told to leave client with water flooding from pipe, or part of roof ripped off . Client believing there wouldn’t be a problem. Person on phone often, seemed to have no compassion. Sorry, sounds slightly negative. Sure you will not have a problem! Just touched a nerve. All the best David.

Hi you should get in touch with who you have critical illness with. I have critical illness and as a stroke is classed as a illness that leaves you with health problems for more than 4 weeks my insurance critical illness paid out a lump some which helped me to pay off a large loan. Hope this helps :grin: