Crescendo TIA

My husband who is fit and well had 4 mild TIA’s in an hour on Oct 2nd. Dizziness, off balance, and felt as though right foot (not leg) was stuck in treacle. The hospital diagnosed possible Crescendo TIA….
We were discharged the following day and he is on aspirin for 20 days and blood thinners and BP meds.
I have no idea what to do? Should I change his diet, do more exercise, less exercise. He says he feels fine and has been working although feels a ‘heaviness’ in his head. All the Google stuff says that another big stroke is probably imminent. CT scan and ultra scan all looked good and showed no damage . Just waiting on MRI. I just don’t know where to start. Really would appreciate advice

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Hi sorry to hear about your husband. a change of diet will help, keep exercise up maybe light though. I am not a professional keep away from doctor google. this will frighten anyone. Speak with health care professionals if concerned, avoid alcohol if possible. Hope the mri scan happens soon and help clear things up. Most of all keep positive

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Hi @Timotea welcome, though sorry to hear about your husband.

Take advice the medical providers give, take the medication as that reduces the risk of stroke.

Your husband has to do all he can too, make changes to his diet, reduce saturated fat, sugar, salt, all the usual culprits. Exercise/movement is good for heart and circulatory health.

Ask for tests to see if there are health conditions he wasn’t aware of, such as high BP, cholesterol, AF, hole in the heart etc.

Try not to focus on the ‘what ifs’, as stress is not good for us either.

It’s scary at first, big hugs :hugs::hugs:

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I would say it’s worth looking at lifestyle changes and stress levels. A major stroke doesn’t always follow. Hopefully, your gp will have put him on any necessary medication.

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@Timotea welcome although sorry to hear of your husbands TIAs.

Hopefully the MRI will happen soon & give you some answers. In the meantime look at his diet and see if it can be adjusted to lower fat, sugar etc. Exercise is good too but don’t overdo it.
Dr Google always gives worst case scenario so try and avoid it and speak to medical professionals instead if you’re worried. I think we all worry initially that another TIA / Stroke will happen. This worry lessens in time.

Best wishes to you both xx

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Shwmae @Timotea, if no damage shown on CT and the symptoms you describe, I wonder if your husband has had cerebellar TIAs? Cerebellar damage only shows up on MRI. I had six TIAs and then cerebellar stroke. My stroke was caused by trauma to the neck. There are also other reasons for a stroke PFO, sticky blood &c. They should do all the tests and then you can determine what lifestyle changes may need to occur. Until then, his lifestyle seems quite standard.


@Timotea hi , I second everything everyone has said especially @Rups . Cerebellar strokes show up on MRI. Mine didn’t show on CT, but it was a deep cerebellar lacuna infarct at back left of my head,

Hope all settles down for you both. It’s really stressful when you have to wait for answers. I wish you both luck kindest regards.


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