Covid Jibby Jabs

It’s difficult to know what to do for the best, we each have our own decision to make on whether to have the booster or not (or any vaccination for that matter).

I’ve had my autumn booster today - the Moderna Spikevac bivalent original/omicron. Apparently it’s been modified to cover two new variants of Covid.

So far I’ve had 3 types of vaccine ( the original two were AZ, first booster was Pfizer).

Every vaccine or medication we take has side effects, each individual has to weigh up the pros and cons of taking it and whether the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

Best wishes to you all

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Yes, agree, we both also had the autumn booster yesterday …it was ffizer, plus the recent omicron variant … I had Covid in March this year, and shortly after started getting TIAs, then 2 brain bleeds …I do not ever want to get it again … but that is just me …


Hi,I’m another who’s experienced a minor stroke back in June…I’ve had 3 jabs, after the third I was pretty poorly for a couple of weeks, so definitely not having another.Never had a flu jab and don’t intend to.I’m 66 pretty fit,I’ve run marathons, climbed mountains,eat a vegan/veggie diet and I’m a big conspiracy theorist.Something is not right with this”virus”.My two boys have like numerous mates haven’t had any jabs but move in a sociable society without anyone “catching Covid”.It’s got me thinking why have we had a stroke!!

Just reporting in! I had both a Covid jab and a flu jab on the same day about 10 days ago. One jab in each arm. Felt a bit under the weather and achy arms for a couple of days. Have felt fine since. I told the nurse/doctor that I was a recent SS and she said that both jabs were fine for me. Very glad I had both jabs.


Good to hear you weren’t too badly affected by the side effects. Sadly, i was quite unwell after but over it now and if it stops me getting covid & flu (or lessens the effects if i do get them) then i’m sure it is worth it.