COVID Booster Booked

Woohoo! I’ve managed to book my COVID booster jab for early next month, the date of the booking will be 6 months after my 2nd AstraZeneca jab (pre stroke).

I’m not sure which type I’ll get this time till I get there, guess it will be either Pfizer or Moderna.

I’m pleased the NHS are now allowing bookings a month in advance as I’m keen to have my booster before Christmas. It was a nightmare trying to book my original jabs, appointments were scarce and difficult to book back then on the NHS app, thankfully it was a breeze this time.

Update as at 13 Nov 2021: I’ve now had my booster jab (Pfizer) as I managed to bag a ‘walk-in appointment. I went with hubby today when he was having his and asked if I could have mine to save having to come back and they said yes… result.


Brilliant! It does make more sense to be able to book in advance. I’m having mine tomorrow; it was due a couple of weeks ago but it was just as they changed the system and I couldn’t book it ahead of time.

It does indeed Janet @JSCAPM, I’m pleased you’ve got yours booked too, one thing less to worry about, hope all goes well with your jab and you don’t have any issues. Take care :+1:

Thank you Mahoney. I’m expecting it to be as straightforward as the last two! I wonder how many more we’ll need?

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Oh that is good news Mahoney. Lovely that the NHS took a common-sense approach. Hope you’re feeling okay after it. I had mine (Pfizer) earlier today and feel fine.

My son managed to book my third one for next week. I was quite lucky in that I had no after effects at all with either one so quite anxious about the third one. Only 6wks since my Stroke . I’m sure I’ll be getting a different one from the astra zeneca one but I’m not that worried about it after all cos hospital scares me rather more so bring it on and I will worry about any after effects if I get them.

Hi Dave @Brufy pleased to hear you’ve got your booster appointment booked.

My stroke was 10 weeks ago and I would have been a little wary of having the AstraZeneca vaccine again but was happy to have either Pfizer or Moderna, as mentioned above I was given Pfizer.

The injection site was a little tender (if pressed/touched) for a couple of days (to be expected after all I had a needle stuck in my arm lol) and I had an ever so slight dull headache the next day, so not too bad for me, hopefully you’ll have little or no side effects either, just reap the rewards of the protection.

Hi Janet @JSCAPM, I’m so pleased to hear you’ve had the booster vaccine and had no after effects, I had an ever so slight headache the following day.

Hi all, I had my stroke on the 28th October and had my booster jab pre booked two weeks after my stroke which I cancelled as I had no definitive advice at the time, one doctor advised to wait a month but my GP said “you are better off having the booster as covid can cause a stroke” I was a little apprehensive but booked for last week. I have had the moderna jab with no ill effects so far, apart from an ache in the arm for a couple of days.
I’m not advising just relating my personal story.


Hi Alf @alf1, pleased to hear you’ve had no after effects from the booster :+1:

Hi @alf1 - think it’s great that you’ve had it. My sister’s neighbour had Covid last year and that caused him to have a stroke. He’s making a good recovery but being fully vaccinated just makes so much sense.

Hiya I’m alive ì had my 3rd jab on Monday and waited for the expected side effects the arm ache the flu symptoms etc etc instead all I got was nothing. Just like the first two
I may be lucky or something I don’t know but anyway

Woohoo Dave @Brufy, pleased to hear you didn’t get any side effects :+1: