Counselling can anyone Advice for free one-to-one counselling for stroke Survivors please

Hi, as far as I’m aware there is no free counselling available to stroke survivors. I was advised to find a Neuro Psychologist when I was discharged from hospital. I saw a brilliant Neuro Psychologist whilst I was an in patient but unfortunately this treatment not available free of charge once you are back home.

I eventually contacted MIND and was given 7 weeks counselling which was great but she was not trained to help stroke survivors. It was great to open up to someone you weren’t close to.

I am interested to see if anyone on this forum knows of any other specialist treatment.

Good luck with your search.
Regards Sue

Try calling the Stroke Association help line. They should be able to advise.

0303 3033 100 I think is there number.

Alternatively try your GP.

I was referred to a neuro psychologist by the hospital but there is a very long wait. I’ve been on list 10 months & still heard nothing.

Good luck x

Hi, I contacted the Stroke Association in my search for counselling and unfortunately they were unable to help. I was also referred by my Gp but the only counselling available was too far away for me to get to.

Unfortunately as many Stroke survivors found found, the after care once you have been discharged from hospital is basically non existent. We have had to pay for private neuro physiotherapy and have bought numerous items of equipment to help with my recovery.

Good luck with your search. I’m keen to see if there is anything out there

Regards Sue


Hi @HarDKnocK19 whilst it may not be specific for stroke survivors, your GP should be able to refer you for Talking Therapy you might even be able to refer yourself.

Check out NHS mental health services online which should point you in the right direction.

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@Susan_Jane i 100 percent agree the help I’ve had been given is zero I think I just want someone to vent my spleen to Monday is the second time I’ve seen my gp after my stroke which is a year ago living in Croydon doesn’t help as you get no help

Thank you I will ask them today

Hi @HarDKnocK19

As far as I know The Stroke Association have just received funding for Counselling for SS … doublecheck with the helpline though

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I asked to be referred to my Community Based Neuro Rehab Team. After a long wait I did come to the top of the list and have up to eight weeks with them. They visit the home and have had visits from the Psychologist, Physiotherapist and Occupational Therapy. Talking to the Psychologist has been very helpful and the Occupational Therapist talked about ways to manage the dreaded Fatigue. Sadly the Physio couldn’t give me any exercises to do because of the type of Stroke I had (a Lacunar Infarct which causes nerve tingling, coldness and pain in the hand). Perhaps your area might have a Community Neuro Rehab Team. Would be worth asking.