Could this be high blood pressure?

Long story short, ex wife had my name removed from deeds and I have been given 28 days to vacate. Ex lives miles away and my daughter lives with me. This happened yesterday in mail. Last night I felt a bit ‘odd’ it was hard work getting upstairs to the loo etc: Later that night, my daughter said my face had dropped and I was slurring my words. I told her not to call an ambulance (especially on a Friday night in Torbay). This morning it felt like my head had been hit around the back and it felt like I had someone pressing down on my head. I couldn’t see properly out of my right and, for a while had a half disc of black in my vision. I am feeling a bit better now but still have a thick head and everything is hard work. With everything that is happening in our lives the last thing I need is any hospital visit. I know you are not doctors but wondered if you thought this sounded a bit ‘iffy’ from my description? I had a series of tia’s and very small stroke in 2018 and since had 2 heart attacks.

Thank you for reading this.

There is only one answer to your question.

Whatever you or anyone else thinks:




and do that or get someone to do it for you NOW

I hope all will be well for you

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You need to be checked out at hospital

Agree with above you need to seek medical attention urgently. Hope you are OK xx

Oh gosh @Woolamala i agree with everyone you need checking out. You should go to A&E and no delay. Good luck hope your ok Loraine

@Woolamala I have to agree with everyone, you need to go to the hospital.

Best wishes

As somebody who has just got back from A&E please go - it’s the only place to be to get these symptoms checked out.

Please let us know how you get on.

Sending good thoughts and much love as I know exactly how you feel xx

Shwmae, TIAs can be a sign that a major stroke is to follow. It’s worth going into hospital, simply because you may need meds to manage your condition or to prevent a follow up stroke if that is what you have had. If you have had a TIA, the possibility of a major stroke is on the cards. I would at least get a CT or MRI scan even if you don’t admit yourself.

This Forum is an excellent place to come when seeking advice. Here are kind and concerned people who have personal experience of the issues faced by those having an experience of stroke, very willing to share.

Sometimes, time is of the essence and getting oneself into an ambulance and straight to where a professional can assess the situation is the only answer.

If you suspect someone is going through such an episode then you must immediately call for an ambulance. Its crew can immediately assess the situation when they arrive. If it turns out the ‘patient’ is not in an adverse condition then there will be no recriminations.

It is always better to be safe than sorry.

@Woolamala how are you doing this morning? Hope you got some medical attention & things are OK xxxx

@Woolamala morning did you go and seek medical help and advice? How are you feeling today? Best wishes Loraine :blush:

@Woolamala please let us know how you’re doing and what the docs said.

Hope you’re feeling better, best wishes

Hi everyone, After 5 hour wait for ambulance and scans I am home feeling rubbish. Nothing apparent popped up except my blood pressure which, after deliberation, has been put down to stress due to what’s going on and see G.P. in morning. At least I am back for now. At least I have my daughter here just in case.

Thanks everyone :sunglasses: :upside_down_face:

@Woolamala good to hear you’ve been checked out & they think it’s blood pressure related. Sounds like you’ve got a lot going on at minute so not surprised your BP is raised. A nice easy day needed & hopefully you can relax a bit to keep that BP in check. Thank you for updating us. We’ve been worried. xxx

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Good to know try and take it easy today x

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Hi thanks for getting back to us. @Woolamala take it easy for a few days deep breathing technique’s always work for my high BP. Good luck with Gp talk soon :blush: loraine

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@Woolamala keep coming back even if it is only to look around. As you must have gathered you are very welcome here.

Keep on keepin’ on
Bob :smiley:


So pleased you got yourself checked out @Woolamala and you’re back home.

Take it easy, take care and best wishes

I think you should get yourself checked out asap especially if you have had tia and small stroke in the past hun I hope you get sorted and feeling better soon hun xx

I bought myself a blood pressure thingy online. It is handy to check things and can be reassuring too when I forget to take tablets, overdo things or get stressed out. This doesn’t happen all the time but I’m glad to have it when its been needed. I told a practice nurse and she checked it against hers, it seems it is pretty accurate. My wife has borrowed it on occasions to check her B.P.

It is an Omron M3. It has a big easy to read display and is simple to operate. Amazon say there is a newer model for £39.99. I think I got mine online for £50-60, you can get them at Argos for around that price. It runs on 4 AA batteries which seem to last a long time.

Hope this is of interest.