Coughing during the night

I'm 3 months in from my cerebella lucauna left infract. I have had my bp medication changed 3 times due to swollen ankles and coughing during the night. However I'm on new medication and I am coughing and choking when I'm asleep, it's keeping me awake most of night. I try to go to another room so I don't disturb my family. Does anyone else suffer these symptoms please. Thanks 

Morning, since my stroke I get extremely painful legs at night which I can never get comfortable, but not sure it’s from my meds . I also find it hard to sleep on which the doctor has given me melatonin to help.


If they are cramps, I had them for the first few months, really uncomfortable,  but the cramps now have completely gone. They used to drive me nuts as it made for getting to sleep a trial, however, they were the first symptom to go away, so hopefully yours will too. 

Afterwards, I developed some kind of nerve issue, left leg, not sure what it is, some kind of compression of the nerves. I am taking pregabalin for it. I don't think this issue is related to the cramps I once had though.

It’s like a dull ache and I just can’t get them comfortable, but you saying about my your left leg, mine left is slightly worse amd hasn’t a small discomfort around my shin and ankle. But hopefully they will go soon.

how have you been this weekend? 

Hello Loshy, choking doesn't sound good. I have had a cerebellar stroke, and what I do know is that it is partly responsible for breathing, I am no doctor, but it sounds like you've developed a mild sleep apnoea.

It sounds like you've got the leg cramps, quite common, and should go in due time. I used to rub gardener's chamomile cream on them, it sort of helped, but I think more as a placebo. I was pretty good yesterday, went and picked up a new addition to my sty, a Berkshire piglet, unfortunately, one of my other pigs is being a bit of a bully, so I have to seperate her and move the others to another sty today in the rain! Joy. I am not feeling as good as yesterday, so this will be a challenge. I will have to plan today very carefully. If I have a good day, I tend to do everything I can, and then crash the following day. This goes against all the advice on stroke recovery, but just human nature I guess. I am feeling a little on the fragile side this morning but I tend to take a good few hours before I can get going each day. 

Hope you are doing all right. 

Hi Boom - love that name!!  

Not sure how long since your stroke, but my husband suffered similar issues to you in the first 1 -2 months following the stroke.  It was awful to witness his torment and distress from the sensations in his legs.  As Rups has said, it's probably something that will ease with time, but I know it's absolutely maddening at the time.  In the meantime you could maybe you could try massaging the painful areas, or try something like Evening Primrose Oil to try to ease the symptoms?  

I hope you soon get through this episode and find you can relax and get some quality sleep-time ?

Take care ?

Thank you for replying and the link 

Pigs sounds fun, we have a load behind are garden so my daughter is happy.

Not to bad, a little tired today am so headaches are quite bad recently but I try to stay positive 

It’s my nickname lol.

yeah it’s not the the best but I’m having sports massages as of next week through my old football team. 

Hope all is good with you and your husband 

Nice, that’s my view, my daughter loves it 

You have an awesome view, lush countryside. Can't tell the breed from that distance, maybe large whites or lops. Hope you are doing okay. I dipped a bit today, dizziness gets to a point where I feel lightheaded, I think this is exacerbated by blurriness and double vision. And also, what they term as hypometria, which means I fall short of my intended movement. When these things are all playing up, I exhaust quickly, movement is wretched, and I get woozy. 

Yeah it’s a lovely view, I live in a small village just outside Cardiff, aww nightmare hopefully tomorrow your feel much better.

Not great today, whole body aches and feel shattered but hopefully tomorrow is a better day