Couch to 5K (over 9 weeks)

Hi all I'm new to this site and this is my first post. I had my stroke in June , an ischemic stroke/blood clot which affected my left side.

Prior to my stroke I was running 5k on a regular basis, on the roads and on my tread mill - I'd joined a running group 8 months before and loved it. It's been 4 months now and thankfully I'm recovering well. It hasn't been plain sailing, I've had to chase and follow up appointments; my 6 week review, on going physio, GP appointments, requests for talking therapies etc.

I also requested a referral to NERS at my local sports centre (National Exercise Referral Scheme) and I'm convinced this plus the support from my family and friends has played an integral part in both my physical and emotional recovery.  Along with a great dollop of determination and a somewhat 'skewed ' sense of humour! I now have more confidence and believe that a 5k run is achievable again! I've signed up to couch to 5k over 9 weeks and wonder if any like minded people would like to join me! If meeting isn't possible (hot chocolate obligitatory after), what about virtual runs and support? I'm intending to road run where and when possible but will use treadmill at home and in the gym due to weather and dark nights. No problem if it takes longer, sometimes unexpected things happen. 

In an ideal world I'd love to be able to achieve this goal and raise money for the charity too down the line.

Let me know your thoughts or ideas on this ??

Pleased to hear you are recovering well Bluebelle and I'm sure your positive attitude and energy will serve you well with your goal to run 5k again and raise money for charity.

I haven't heard of NERS, I shall look into what that's about.

Sadly hot chocolate is a no go for me as it wouldn't fit into my low sugar, low fat, low 'everything' diet lol, though it the idea of it is very, very appealing indeed.

Wishing you all the best and I'll be cheering you on as you achieve your first 'post stroke' 5k (the first of many more to follow).


Thank you Mahoney, I hope you're keeping well too. Your diet sounds like mine lol,  but I do make exceptions especially after exercise or what's the point? How times have changed, where the highlights of my Fridays now are spent in the gym lol. I'd highly recommend NERS (Bridgend County Borough), GP or practice nurse referral to our local sports centre, I can attend the gym 3 times per week for an hour at a time over 16 weeks, all safe as it's supervised and the programme is personalised to my needs, goals and abilities. I incorporate my physio exercises in, so less daunting some days too and the hour flies by! Let me know how you get on.

Will do Bluebelle, my stroke only happened a few weeks ago (ischemic POCI Thalamic) so it affected my right side and speech, and wouldn't you know it... I'm right handed lol.

So far I haven't had much in the way of follow up PT or speech therapy, or anything really. I like the sound of NERS, hopefully it's something they have in my neck of the woods.

I look forward to hearing how you get on over the coming weeks, please keep us/me updated as to your progress.


evening blue belle my name is davied bath and i had an ischemic stroke last summer. I am not running at present but have joined the ramblers and am doing walks that accumulate to 10 miles a week. I am out tomorow doing a 6 mile walk so this is my effort for the couch to 5k cause. I found it difficult initially because covid stopped all therefore i bought a wi system and did my training indoors. I have recently picked up some virus that has knocked me back a few weeks however I am off withgroup tomorow to get back on the horse. I am also training for my 3rd dan in shotokhan karate which has its different change because my frontal and temporal lobes were affected I will think of all survivors while out tomorow as Dylan Thomas said “do not go gentle into that good night ,rage rage against the dying of the light” Keep running Nos da Dai

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Hello Bluebelle. I hope it’s ok to reply to an old post but I’m new here. How are getting on? I read your post because I too am trying to get to 5k. I had a midbrain ischaemic stroke 7 months ago as a result of a car accident ( not my fault, hit by stolen vehicle persued by police doing 80-90mph). I have recovered mostly from my other injuries but I have ongoing left sided weakness and a third nerve palsy which affects my vision. I was a runner before doing ?25miles week, and now I hope to be a jogger. I am currently upto 2.5 miles so only another 0.6 to go. I am not going to break any speed records but I hope to build up my endurance and confidence on the treadmill so that I can take it out side come the spring. Be interested to know how you find it.

Hi Julia @JuliaH, welcome to the forum, though I’m sorry to hear you’ve had a stroke and for the way it happened., pleased to hear you’ve recovered from the injuries and are progressing with the stroke aftermath too.

Wonderful progress you’re making with the jogging :+1:. I’ve read slow jogging is a thing now, so you’re at the head of the curve.

Spring is not too far away, so hopefully you’ll be outside before you know it.

Wishing you all the best :running_woman::running_woman::running_woman:

Hi everyone thank you for your replies. I’m so sorry I haven’t responded sooner, I keep forgetting to log in and check! I think I’m more of a talker than a Typer lol,@ JuliaH and @seconddandai @Mahoney ,I’m sorry to hear you’ve also had strokes but it’s so good to read about your recovery journeys, the progress you’re making and the goals you’ve set for yourselves, everyone on here inspires me and that helps with my motivation.

I realise it’s been 4 months since I last posted and I found then I was talking a lot (mostly to myself) about the goals I’d set myself but I wasn’t making much progress ,especially with the couch 2 5k - I finally realised I don’t like running on my own. I re-joined my running group (the business owner is a fabulous lady who wants women to feel empowered, supported and instilled with confidence and self belief that you are capable of anything and it’s about more than running- well-being, friendships, self care etc) with a ‘newbies’ group and did the 5k training again over 6 weeks. At week 4 I began to believe that my goal was achievable, so I bit the bullet and committed to making my 'graduation 5k run ’ a fundraiser for the stroke association (there’s nothing like the thought of failing or making a fool of yourself or not completing and therefore not raising the money ) to motivate you and spur you on! I’m pleased to report that I did in fact complete my run on 12th February, (it wasn’t the fastest run I’ve ever done nor the prettiest) surrounded and supported by newbies and experienced runners and raised funds for this fabulous charity. What an emotional day!

I’m not posting this to get a pat on the back but to say to everyone out there - just do it, when you start to believe you can do it/ achieve it/ reach it, whatever it might be then believe me you can make it happen! It’s done wonders for my recovery, I’m now 8 months in and thinking of my next challenge! Good luck everyone with whatever your goals are :relaxed::relaxed::relaxed::relaxed:

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Well done @Bluebelle, a fantastic achievement whilst raising money :+1:

Keep us posted on what your next goal will be but most of all continue enjoying the running :grinning:

That’s fantastic news. You might not be looking for a pat on the back but if you were here just now there would be a definite "high five":raised_hand:or a covid fist bump​:fist_right::fist_left: at the very least. So what if it’s not quick or pretty, the message you are sending to all of us and anyone who’s interested is one of determination, forbearance and the perseverance to overcome. Thank you for the update,:+1: Julia

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