Thought I’d start a thread to show our cooking skills. Sorry if there already is one, if so tell me where and I’ll close this one.

So I made pies the good old fashioned way today. Following my mums recipe

Mixed my own pastry added onion corn beef and potatoes into pies. A whole one has been eaten and this is what is left!


Nom nom @Loshy that looks yum. Although seems we’re too late try some :blush: I too made a pie but a fish one. Tonights tea & probably tomorrow too as we can’t eat it all in one go :grin:

This has cod & salmon, peas in a cheese sauce topped with mash.


@Mrs5K yum looks delicious did you make your cheese sauce mine always goes lumpy :face_holding_back_tears:

@Loshy i did make the cheese sauce. Managed to avoid the lumps i think. Hoping it tastes ok…been a long time since i made fish pie & just used bits of left over fish that was lurking in freezer :rofl:

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Look delicious Lorraine, I’m popping over, et the kettle on :yum:

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Ann, fish pie one of my favourites, looks delicious, enjoy your meal :yum:

Well done. I find cooking very therapeutic.

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Cheese sauce

Only takes a few minutes . . .
equal quantities of flour and butter, melted together in a pan to make a roux.

In a pan melt together:
30g butter
30g flour

Slowly add, stirring and thickening at each addition:
300ml milk

Now stir in:
60g grated cheese, or mix of cheeses, type - your choice

Until melted

You can pour this over all sorts of dishes, or over macaroni
Add an appropriate herb to give it a twist, for example, parsley sauce.

Try it and become chef-like

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I’ll try it thabks @Bobbi chef :man_cook:

I’ve had to change my diet to heart friendly so am cooking from scratch each evening. My favourites are turkey bolognese and marinaded chicken breast with ratatouille.


@Mahoney i’m hoping it tastes good too. My hubby said yesterday “why didn’t you bake more before”…hmmmmmmm might be something to do with the full time job i had, the parish council work i did & all the other volunteering :rofl: i’ll have a piece of fish pie for you :blush::blush:

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@DDMH looks scrummy can you post the recipe when you get time please? Enjoy :wink:

@DDMH they all look yum. Im supposed to be on a low fat diet due to my cholesterol levels. I’m losing weight still though so having to find a balance between low fat & calories. It’s always good to have a treat though. What times tea i’m heading round ? :blush::blush:

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@Bobbi that looks very similar to the cheese sauce recipe i used. I used a bit more cheese…i love cheese grommit :mouse::mouse: although low fat cheese just isn’t the same

Looks yummy @DDMH and healthy too, wonderful.

Have to agree with you there Ann, I can’t get away with low fat cheese, I’d rather have a small portion of ‘real’ cheese as a treat now and then.

All this talk and pictures of food is making me hungry :yum:

Me too I’ve lost around two stone since May and I keep forgetting to add in the carbs. I sometimes add some sweet potato or lentils and need to look at wholemeal pasta and brown rice.
I eat a handful of almonds and dried blueberries everyday which I believe are a good cholesterol reducing snack.

I’ve lost 3 stone & counting now. I do eat some carbs but not as many as pre stroke.
I shall have to try the almonds & blueberries. Will help with a few more calories too :yum:
@Mahoney i think you’re right with cheese. Think i’d rather full fat cheese now & again than low fat cheesecall the time…mmmm cheese & onion butty yum yum :grin::grin:

looks lovely, my cooking involves air fryer or slow cooker only, can’t afford to put oven or heating on

I do love a good pie. Makes me hungry just looking at it. :smiley: