Cooking with one arm

I am getting better at making simple meals beans on toast soup scrambled egg
The hardest part was safety in getting the very hot bow out of the microwave
Seems obvious but I need two arms to lift it clear safely
My good lady suggested a plastic jug which works
A treat as the handle is usable by my only good arm , hope this is useful to any other people in my position.


@mrfrederickson well done on your cooking progress. Yes, getting hot bowls out microwave is definitely a 2 arm task. It’s amazing how we learn to adapt though.

If there’s any going I too love scrambled egg :egg: :grin::grin:


Been mashing carrots and sweed this evening, happy to share the scrambled egg, we need a forum celebration meal
Once I have place s to perch in the kitchen it’s a case of stamina and determination, most stuff can be cooked if enough time is taken

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Yum carrots & swede mash. We had that with our roast chicken today. :yum::yum:

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Roast pork today gone down very nicely.


Well done for sticking it out and for taking on board new tips.

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Great minds and all that, was a good meal all goes towards rebuilding my body brain and mind


@mrfrederickson great tip, thanks for sharing, sometimes simple ideas are the best ones :+1:

It’s a pleasure anything’s that helps my fellow SS and SSin their new lives

mrfrederickson, That is wonderful to have! Moira

I am sorry to have had to miss the forum

I am sorry to have had to miss the forum. It sounds as if it was a great topic. How did you break the egg? Also, how did you open the tin of beans?
I am really struggling to cook even basics.
Kind wishes

@MVernon welcome to the forum. Hope you find it a great place for advice & support…

Best wishes

Ann x

@MVernon Margaret just popping by to say hello. Sorry to hear you’re struggling with the basics, hopefully things will get better for you.

Best wishes

My current struggle is understanding how the forum and replies work. Margaret

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@Loshy Thanks. I will try it and persevere. Margaret

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Hi @MVernon …. You can get electric can openers which might help with opening tins … the tin attaches to a magnet, you press the button on top (it’ll be plugged in so obviously be careful :relaxed:) … and round the can goes. Maybe set the can up first before turning it on at the wall.

The can is still held by the magnet when the lid has been removed. You then have to pull the can off gently with your good hand, but I think you’d need to have something on top to counterbalance this (safely).

This is just a suggestion, from my own experience, as I find opening cans tricky. There are also non electric gadgets you can get to open cans with pull things on them.

Good luck!

:sparkles:Anne :sparkles:

@ZX1 @MVernon i have a version of this which uses batteries so no need to plug in. I also have a battery operated jar opener which I find useful (if you’re patient enough). I really struggle with jars these days.

That’s excellent @Mrs5K … where did you find that? I don’t know if we’re allowed to say company names though.

Best wishes,

:sparkles:Anne :sparkles:

It was a gift @ZX1 but I have found the same one on Amazon

I didn’t get on with it initially but then i realised i was too impatient & needed to just leave it to do its thing. I think it’s great now :grin::grin: