Change of user name

Evening all, I have changed my username fro Tiredllthetime to Yorkshire Lady 751.
I hope it doesn’t confuse too much. I thought my previous Tiredallthetime, (although true,) was very negative.
I’m pleased that my post about BBC Sounds has been helpful. That’s the beauty of a site like this, helping each other to cope with the alen world we’ find ourselves navigating. I’m now off to look at spoon theory which was mentioned to me. See you in a bit!


@YorkshireLady751 glad you managed to change your user name. Hope you find the spoon theory useful…….it has helped me loads with my ongoing fatigue battle.


Please to meet you @YorkshireLady751 (under your new moniker )




Yes I have read the articles now and they mirror very much what my rehab therapists are saying to me about slowing down a bit and giving myself time to REST. I’m a 50mph sort of person!
I have to say though I am still experiencing the old foggy brain and some short term memory loss, so I will look at it again when I think I can retain the info. But a useful way of looking at fatigue and its flippin’ effect! Many thanks.

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I too was a 100 mph girl but have now learnt to rest as to not do means I have an enforced rest. It takes some getting used to but you will work it out. Good luck.