Celebrating Successes

Morning All,

All to often we as humans concentrate on what we can’t do and don’t congratulate ourselves enough for what we have achieved so I thought I’d start a post where we can share our successes however big or small. Here are a couple of mine to start.

My stroke left me with some cognitive issues which I was working on with an OT. Sadly the OT has left the NHS now & I am left to continue on my own. So I didn’t lose the good work we’d done I decided to write a poem about my stroke. This was not only to help my cognitive issues but also so I could express how I felt to my loved ones who perhaps were struggling to understand some of the hidden effects. Hope you don’t mind me sharing it here:

Life changed for you too that day

Last day of November
A day i’ll remember

It started as usual & off to work I went
Feeling sick & dizzy oh what an event
My eyes joined in; flashing lines I saw
So Homeward bound; I felt quite raw

Next day came & work I tried
2 hours later I can’t do this I cried
My balance was off my vision a blur
the dizziness causing a right old whir

Next my arm joined in the party
It gave up working quick smarty
To A&E I went, oh what fun
The message I got was about to stun

Stroke they said, but how can that be
I’m only 49 you see
In an instant my life it did change
Oh boy this felt awfully strange

Left sided weakness, balance, dizziness too
Vision & taste buds gone haywire, boo hoo
Concentration, Attention, Emotions, fatigue all gone askew
All of these now got to learn them anew

So begins the journey of recovery
Who knew it would be so full of discovery
Therapy starts each day when I wake
Getting my life back is all that’s at stake

The process of brain remapping begins
No wonder my head constantly spins
Tears of frustration, joy or for no reason at all
Just go with the flow & let them all fall

Trips & stumbles happen a lot
All because of that small clot
Take it steady I’m told, patience you need
Else fatigue will hinder & slow your recovery speed

3 mths in & the stairs I could climb
Oh my that felt so sublime
Walking is slower but progress is made
If only my leg would lift without aid

6 months in & progress slows
Each small achievement & my joy shows
It’s clear that life as I knew it has gone
And recovery could well continue lifelong

Some days I feel like a useless lump
And all the effort makes me a grump
Other days I feel I’m doing great
Although it’s been a long old wait

Some effects are obvious & plain to see
Some effects are hidden & difficult for even me
The good, the bad, The highs & the lows,
Where it’ll end nobody knows

The journey continues and onwards I plough
Not doubting I’ll get there one day somehow
So, to those around me a massive THANK YOU I say
Because I know life changed for you too that day

I have also been using jigsaws as a way of helping my cognitive issues and also my affected left hand. Here is my recent jigsaw, which took 3 months to complete. Previous one took 6 months. Success I’d say :grin:

I look forward to reading about your successes.


Thank you for that wonderful post. It was a joy to read and gives so much hope to all us Stroke Survivors. As you said how can one small clot cause such mega problems.
Well done on your jigsaw as well, great achievement. Keep up the good work.


Your poem is inspirational and is beautifully written. Thank you for sharing your journey.


Hi Mrs5k An inspirational and I should think an exhausting post ! Yes a good suggestion that we should let folks know of our successes however small Pds

@jane.cobley thank you for your kind words. Hope your day is a good one xx

Thank you Tina @Fiesty55
That’s very kind xx

well done on the poem and the jigsaw - both are great. So far my greatest achievement in the past few months is getting used to varifocals. I’m still finding it difficult and the cat doesn’t help by keeping knocking them off but I’m trying.

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@FionaB1 now there is a challenge. Took me ages to get used to my varifocals & that’s without the added cat issues :grin: xx

@Pds thank you. I cheated a bit on the post the poem was saved on my phone so I just copied it over :rofl:

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thats not cheating - it’s appropriate use of technology


@FionaB1 :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: I shall steal that phrase if I may :grin: x

@Mrs5K hi Ann, what a wonderful poem, it captures the essence of your frustration, struggles but most importantly your strength and determination to move forward.

Love the jigsaw too.

Best wishes

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What a lovely poem. It is exactly how I feel. My small achievement each day is completing the word game on my iPad. I try to walk a few more steps every day and practice my speech, some days better than others! Lilian


@Mahoney thank you that’s so kind. :heart:

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@l_platt thank you for sharing your successes. They are great achievements. Those word games can be a right challenge. Keep on with your walking & you’ll get there. I’m trying to go a bit further each day too…my dizzy head keeps getting in the way :woozy_face: xx

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Thank you for your post. I found poetry a great way of expressing my feelings after my stroke and communicating those feelings to others. I’m sure you have many more successes to come.

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@John_Jeff_Maynard thank you. I’ve never written a poem before & this took me ages but I found it a good way to tell people how I was feeling without having to spend ages explaining it.


@Mrs5K wow Ann your a poet and you didn’t know it!! It’s so beautifully written and sums a lot of us up too. You should publish it this is your new niche in life! Your jigsaw is gorgeous too. You’ve come a long way you should be so proud, I think I can speak for all of us WE are very proud of you. Thank you so much for taking the time to write it and share it.( copying and pasting is fine and as someone said using technology it’s still your work) it is an amazing piece of work thank you you made my heart smile this morning.

I’m having a tough few days with the pins, needles and burning so you really cheered me up :grin::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

As you know mine is my painting by numbers, I love doing it. I’ve finished 2 for my grandchildren one more to go which I’ll frame. I keep adapting the pictures to suit their bedroom colours. Here is Bella my Granddaughters cat I just finished. I think you will have to click on the image di t know why!



Well done Ann @Mrs5K , great poem and very relatable.

Today I spent an hour of my day off from work on a video interview to help a young student with stoke research for their masters degree. Hopefully their findings will also be used to help others understand how stroke affects life afterwards.

Nice idea about looking at good/positive things post stroke rather than wallowing in self pity.

Keep smiling :grinning:

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Hello Ann @Mrs5K. Thank you so much for sharing this, even if I am a snuffling soggy mess now. I feel in understanding company because only those in our position can really understand. You expressed things honestly. I am very grateful to you, Julia x

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