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Morning everyone hope you are all enjoying the long weekend. I am feeling stronger and better today so thank you all for giving me strength with all the kind words that were said. know it was from my jab.

I have a question!! Has anyone ever used CBD oil? A few people have mentioned it to me for nerve pain. I have done some research but just putting it out there to see if anyone can give me some advice please. Thank you :pray: :blush: Loraine


Hi Loshy, in answer to your question, I too was interested, there are some good report on it. Some stroke survivors have taken it with no problems, but I was advised by my Pharmacist not to, as taken with blood thinners it could thin the blood even more. So I ended up not taking it. But I do know a few stroke survivors who do take it…so its a bit of a conundrum!!! Sorry I couldn’t be of more help, let me know what you decide to do. Best wishes, Jane,

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@jane.cobley Hi Jane thanks for replying. I’m interested for all my nerve pains. My doctor said she’s not allowed to give advice for this but then gives me garpbentin and ups the dose if I say I’m still in pain :flushed:. I’m seriously doing research and contemplating buying some. I’ll let you know what I do in a few weeks happy Monday :blush:.

Hi Lorraine, your GP sounds like mine, won’t give advice on whether any complimentary, herbal or other supplements are good or bad.

I even had to twist their arm to ask if it was ok to still take Vit D with the other medication they prescribed, it was only when I mentioned it was them that told me a couple of years back to buy over the counter Vit D after I’d finished the high dose course they prescribed when they said I was Vit D deficient, that he conceded and said it was ok.

Guess you’ll have to weigh up the pros and cons and make the decision that’s best for you.

Some people say CBD is fantastic whilst others say it does nothing.

Wish I could help but haven’t tried it myself.

Best wishes

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@Mahoney Hi thanks for your input. Yeah I think doctors should have more input for herbal remedies. They just keep prescribing tablets it’s confusing me at times the amount I’m taking. I’ll let you know if I buy any and obviously how it makes me feel. Best wishes Loraine :hugs:

I had some cbd tea and it reduced my anxiety, a few puffs of full spectrum stuff helps calm down a tremor I have developed but I havn’t tried oil at all so can’t advise further.

@Loshy good to hear you are feeling better today. These jas certainly give some yucky side effects.

I have no experience of CBD oil I’m afraid so can’t offer any advice. Be interesting to hear how you get on with your research.

Enjoy what’s left of the bank holiday :blush::blush::blush:

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Hi Loraine I’m glad you are feeling better. I haven’t used CBD oil but the lady who cleans for me thinks it’s marvellous! She has not had a stroke though! Lilian

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@alanbids hello and welcome to our forum. Thank you for your input, I’ll let you know if I buy any. Best regards, loraine :blush:

@Pontwander cheers for that! I was talking about the oil where you drip 1 drop onto your tongue! I will watch your link thanks, I was in Holland &Barret and they sell it. It’s not to get high :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat::nauseated_face: it’s to help with my nerve pain. But thanks again for your in depth write up! I always chuckle at what you write and enjoy reading them all thanks again. :blush::joy_cat::blush: loraine

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Hi Loshy-- I don’t know how I’d have gotten through the first year without CBD oil. I used the drops under the tongue (about 20-40 mg dose) for leg spasms and anxiety. I am now trying out the CBD cream on my back for arthritis. I think it is taking the “edge” off. My son uses it for pain on his broken clavicle. :heart:Jeanne P.S. the nurse recommended it to me in the hospital. She said it was too bad the doctors couldn’t prescribe it yet.


@axnr911 hi Thank you for that can you tell me what it is and where you buy it from and cost if I private message you please? Many thanks Loraine :blush::hugs:. I tried to message you but it says you are accepting messages so I have wrote my questions here I hope you don’t mind.

Hi Jeannie, please could you tell me how you know what strength to use? Also where do you buy it from? How much? And how long it lasts after you take a few drops please? I’m desperate with the nerve pain it’s from the lumbar and cervical stenosis I’m fed up with the doctors plying me with garpbentin and amitriptyline I’m looking for other alternatives. Thanking you in anticipation loraine xx

Hi Loshy–I don’t know how to enable receiving messages; sorry about that. CBD products are made from the hemp plant, a cousin of the marijuana plant and is often referred to as medical marijuana. It does not contain the THC, which is what causes the hallucinations of marijuana, so there are no hallucinatory effects. Some people sometimes might feel a little sleepy, but I never did. Nevertheless, when I used it during the day, I always had my husband drive, just to be careful… I ordered mine from Ancient Life Oils, but I’m in the USA, so I don’t know if they ship to the UK, but I’m sure there are reputable places you can find. The health food stores carry it here, but they are a little bit more expensive. I researched dosing guidelines on the internet. All the info is available there. Everyone and every physical problem is so different, but here are a couple of things: Always start with a low dose. Higher isn’t necessarily better; it’s how you react to it. You start low and if it doesn’t help, slowly increase until you find the point that you feel it helps you. I started around 15 mg and found I needed 20 mg. I would hold the drops under my tongue as long as I could for maximum absorption, then swallow. Waited about 45 minutes. Sometimes that was enough. If the spasms didn’t stop I took another 20 mg. Always withing 20 minutes after that the spasms would stop. I never needed more. A bottle of 1000 mg cost about $100 US. The eyedropper held 40 mg, so 1/2 eyedropper was 20 mg. The bottle lasted me about 2 months, since I didn’t need itevery night and often 20 mg was all I needed. I like the chocolate mint the best, but it really doesn’t taste very good—but that was the least of my problems at the time. I was told the drops under the tongue work the fastest, but some companies make CBD gummie candies that taste real good. I’ve used them for anxiety and they seemed to help but that’s hard to measure. I haven’t used the gummies for my leg spasms, and when I get the spasms, I want to use something I’ve used before that I know worked-don’t want to experiment when I’m trying to get to sleep. I don’t know how long the effect lasts. For me, I would fall asleep and would not be awakened again during the night with more spasms. I might go for a day or two or more without getting the spasms. But that was during the first year or two. I am at the 3 1/2 year point now, and I rarely need CBD, since things have calmed down–maybe once every month or so. I just used CBD cream on my sore back from yard work. It helped. I ordered it on line from ShiKai CBD Topicals(CBD Salve 500 mg, $19.99 US) I don’t know if any of this will help you, but it’s not extraordinarily expensive so it might be worth a try. Please feel free to ask me any other questions you might have. I’m glad to answer them. P.S. It would be wise to check with your doctor first. I checked with my GP and my cardiologist and both were ok with it. :slightly_smiling_face: :heart:Jeanne

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@axnr911 Hi thank you so much for the information and advice you have given me. I will do more research and ask my GP again, thank you Jeanie best regards. Loraine :blush:

Hi Lorraine, I’ve been using CBD drops for over a couple of years, well before my stroke. They help to ease my painful niggles/mild arthritis, improve my overall mood, and help me to sleep better. I’ve spent far too much time on Google researching them🙄… but I do feel confident in taking them because of that. The research into CBD is varied (and in U.K. it is sold over the counter with none of, or only a negligible trace of the addictive THC). You can check for all sorts of drug interactions, including herbal and CBD, on various websites.
In general it is stated that you should not take CBD with Warfarin or Clopidogrel (among others) as it interferes with the way those drugs are are metabolised. However one of the latest clinical studies on Clopidogrel (which I take) and CBD indicates that this common advice relates only to doses of CBD of over 100mg per day…. Which is in itself a very large dose, and higher than recommended. Most people seem to have improvements in using around 40-60mg a day.

Research and clinical trials are really just beginning to look seriously at the potential medical benefits of CBD , as a sort of follow on from the interest in medicalised cannabis (with THC) which is now being used for some epilepsy patients.
It’s interesting that a low dose of CBD can be considered harmful by my doctor, but he is happy to prescribe a PPI to me as a long term medication (proton pump inhibitor, meant for short term treatment of gastric problems, not longer than 8 weeks) and which can cause serious side effects with long term use! The PPI is to cut my risk of stomach lining bleeding from Clopidogrel, yet the risk of that happening is less than 2% in those taking Clopidogrel.
So really it seems one needs to assess the scale of risks/side effects and choose whether to take a small chance of a stomach bleed or a larger risk of osteoporosis. Doctors don’t have time for this now… if they ever did.
So, I feel okay about taking CBD especially when I look at the general level of risks in the drugs I’ve been prescribed. But we’re all different, and you need to make your own choices on what is important to you, and relative to your condition and your age (I’m old :wink:).
I’ve bought CBD from 4 different companies… there are a lot of people selling it now. They all have their pros and cons (often the price!) but I have at last found one that suits me, doesn’t taste disgusting as many do, is up front on the clinical and production info, etc. If you want more info, happy to share more.
Glad you’re feeling better… all the best. Virginia

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@Poozle Hi Virgina thank you for sharing all the information in CBD oil. I am interested very much just not sure what to buy. But you and Jeanie have made me feel better about it. Though I’m on quite a lot of medication which worry’s me. Thank you for your kind advice and yes I’d like more information please. I’m going to private message you. Best regards Loraine :blush::hugs: