CBD oil

Hi all, desperately looking for some advice:-  I see on the forum people have been using CBD oil with great success. I always used it before my stroke, found it relaxed me and helped me sleep (which I have always had problems with) But I queried this with my G.P (via telephone I hasten to add!!!!) and also with my pharmacist, who both said not to use it with any form of blood thinners.......as it could thin my blood even more.( I only take asprin 75mgs) and rovostatin 5mgs..... but I was categorically told not to use it. Which is a shame, as I found it very beneficial.

So my question is to those who are using this, have they had any problems? Will be really interested in seeing what people have to say. Thanks in advance.


Hi Jane

I also queried the CBD oil as it can do wonders! However again was advised with other medications and blood thinners could cause problems so decided not to take it. I do take Neurofen from the health shop to try and improve brain function (with my brain I sometimes thinks its impossible) but it does help. I space my medication out during the day as found taking them all together as prescribed causes me to feellike rubbish and disorientated and this has helped.  You do have to watch some of the herbal medications not mixing with normal meds.I have felt much better 7 months after stroke but had many days when I felt things would not get better. Its a case of working out whats best for you. I hope you continue to improve. Best wishes Rita

Hi Rita, thank you so much for your reply, and your advice. This is what I had been advised by a pharmacist, but I had read about so many people who had had a stroke and they had found it benefical so I was rather confused. You have clarified it for me, so will be leaving it well alone.......and I agree with you about some of the herbal medications not mixing with normal meds.....it does seem sometimes there is no way to turn!!!! I like you, get good days and bad, but they are improving, just this awful anxiety and not being able to sleep doesn,t help. Still have to battle on, as all us Stroke survivors have to do. Once again, many thanks for your info. Take care of yourself.

Best wishes, Jane.