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Just getting used to this site lol Howie everyone hope all is well drop me a line and let me know how u r all doing with best regards des

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Doing quite well Des. Just back home after a three day tripto Norfolk. Yesterday, I amazed myself by walking at least two miles. I haven’t walked so far since my stroke six years ago. Not all done in one go, but more than I ever walk in a normal day. I got into a reasonable rhythm of of walking and paused when I needed to. So, well pleased by my achievement


Well done John. You must be proud of yourself. I’m only able to walk a few yards but am doing a little more each day. I still have to use a rollator though but it gives me a bit of independence.I too am just learning how to use the new site. Well done Des. Lilian

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Hi Lillian. The long walk was forced on me by circumstance and I achieved it despite being anxious about falling should I stumble. I was with my partner. Strangely, because I cannot really nap on a short break, the fatigue doesn’t get to me. Praise to you too, because we all learn to walk again little by little. Pushing yourself a few more yards every day will lead to long term achievement. Keep at it.

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Thank you for your reply John. I do keep trying, mainly because at the end I reach the coffee shop and get my reward! I am improving though. thank you . Lilian

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I’m doing well in myself Des @Des_murphy, pleased to hear you’re getting to grips with the new site.

I’m not back at work yet but am trying to keep busy. I go for a walk each day and have started exercising to online videos.

Hope you’re keeping well :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello Des (@Des_murphy), glad to hear you’re persisting with the site upheaval. I’m still going through the same old nonsense, but making progress, albeit, bite-sized. Purposefully, didn’t set my alarm last night, and slept in until noon.

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Still finding it harder then the old one how do you find certain people and there posts I have stopped writing in here as much as it hard work or it could be me happy Christmas to all I think I have the virus had a fast flow test positive just had a per test so it’s lockdown Christmas for me . Luckly daughter and my wife gave not got it felt a bit I’ll the first day it so but starting to feel better had the two jabs and boaster so all being well should be ok famous last words lol

Hi Des @Des_murphy , you can find the latest posts by clicking the 3 lines (menu) next to your picture on the top right, see @AshleyTH post, then click ‘latest’.

If you want to see an individual’s posts, instead of ‘latest’, click ‘users’, then from the list of people, click the person you’re interested in, which will bring up a little ‘box’ about that person, click their picture again and that will take you to their posts.

Hopefully you can follow what I’ve attempted to explain.

Don’t give up writing on the forum, keep trying, you’ll get the hang of it. Sorry to hear you have covid, wishing you a speedy recovery, get well soon

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