Cataract Surgery

Hi folks, will need cataract surgery at some stage this year. I am 5 weeks post ischaemic stroke, I believe you must leave it at least 3 months. I would be grateful for words of wisdom from somebody who has experience of this? Many thanks

Hi @flo99 my advice is listen to your medical advisors, they’ll let you know how long post stroke you have to be before the op.

I haven’t had that surgery myself, though my dad did, both eyes, 3 months apart and it went well for him. Mum had to put drops in his eyes for a few weeks afterwards, from what he said the op itself was a little uncomfortable but bearable and the bonus, he could see well afterwards.

Wishing you all the best with your op, take care

@Mahoney good advice. Glad your dads surgery went well. Not looking forward to it regardless of the stroke but this just makes me a little more apprehensive. Just been referred so probably be at least 6 months anyway. Thanks @Mahoney take care