Anyone use it? For medical or recreational use?

Wish I could get hold of some!!! I am sure it would help!!!

Hi Jane- I’m in California. I order my CBD oil and gummies on line, and it is mailed to me. If you look into it on the internet, there are several companies in the United Kingdom that sell CBD oil products. I’m sure they could ship it to you. There are also many articles on the net about the subject, dosing, etc. :heart: Jeanne

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Hello Loshy

I am not speaking as an authority on the subject, but yes, I do take CBD oil under the tongue at night, and yes it’s complete with THC. For medical purposes. It has miraculous healing properties… especially for brain neurone and synapse functions. Now I don’t know much about fibromyalgia, but I looked it up, and based on what I read, I would say CBD (the real stuff, might not incl. gummies) is made for this condition. I also take a liposomal vitamin B complex before sleep which is good for neurological functions. My hunch is to try it; there’s a good chance these things will help you greatly.

Good luck, ciao, Roland

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I would like to try CBD oil , I was under the impression that you couldn’t use alongside blood thinners I’m not sure how right this is .

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Hello I’ve just been reading what you said about cannabis and I am wondering if anybody has tried proper cannabis and wondered if it had any adverse affects in there recuperation from strokes I’ve heard of people taking it with cancer but never after a stroke

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yes I would love to, but have been told by my chemist not to take it as I am on blood thinners and it can thin the blood even more, so she wouldn’t advise it. So many conflicting stories. :thinking:

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Hi Laraine (did I spell it right?) - I use Ancient Life Oils. It’s a little brown bottle with an eye-dropper top. I bought the 1000 milligram size. (Cost was close to $100 US plus shipping.) When I needed it every night, that bottle would last me a month or two, depending on if I needed more or not. The eye dropper full-up held 40 milligrams. I would use 1/2 dropper (20 milligrams) under the tongue to start. If I didn’t get relief within an hour, I would take another 20 milligrams. (That never failed to work.) I always used it without the THC in it. It worked fine for me that way, and I didn’t want to chance any side effects. To be on the safe side I never drove if I used it during the day-- only because it can make some people sleepy. I read that it is best to start small, like 8 - 15 milligrams and see if it works, then slowly increase until you find the dose that works for you. Of course, I checked with my doctors. to check on drug interactions-- both said OK, and that many of their patients used it. It helped me get through many months in my stroke recovery. Gradually, over time I needed it less often. Now I rarely need it, but I always keep it on hand for that occasional bad night. I hope you find something to help your pain, Laraine. Remember, there’s always hypnosis, too. Somewhere there’s a solution. I’ll remember you in my prayers tonight. :heart:Jeanne


hi Loraine

I get CBD from a friend of a friend so to speak…
Watch the documentary “The God Plant” maybe on Amazon Prime
The purest CBD oil you can find… I get it in a spray bottle
4 sprays is plenty… I did 14 by mistake one night, because I thought it was not coming out - I was dizzy all night ; some ppl would panic and call an ambulance, but I knew exactly what had happened and rode it out… no harm done
Bottom line is , it’s going to do you no harm, and i strongly suggest you form your own opinion and do your own research… but realise that often opinions are censored or rigged by the authorities. You can watch TED talks on the subject, but they have to be careful and limit what they can say…
Basically you want the real thing CBD +THC

Good luck, and let me know how you’re getting on
ciao, Roland

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I endorse this reply, Lorraine…esp. starting off lightly or with small dose
I also started without THC… but it was wasted time and money
Interesting reading checking with doctors… those who do speak up usually will not say a bad thing about it. I have not heard bad things from those who speak up. Many will not comment because it may not be completely legal.

If one looks into it deeply, you open up a can of worms… or several cans.
Good luck, Roland

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another thing that comes to mind is that noboby wants liability , or to take the blame if anything at all goes off the rails. It’s easier and safer for everyone that way… except that it helps not one iota. you may feel like you’re taking a gamble ; I did to start. But rest assured the good it can do is considerable… I am confident in it, and that it helps me no end. Good with sleep too.

ps, in January I could not sleep more than an hour per night. Now I cannot sleep less than 8 hours per day, incl. after lunch nap


Hi @RaksP
im currently using

it works wonders for me eases my anxiety and very calming not cheap ÂŁ35!
all the best
wayne :+1:


Hi @Loshy
I squirt 3-5 drops under my tongue for 1 minute then swallow.
here’s the link they do post! ABSOLUTE CBD OIL

  • The worlds most advanced CBD Isolate Oil.
  • Available in 1000mg or 2000mg, 5000mg strengths.
  • Easy to use, traditional pipette delivery system.
  • Super concentrated 20ml bottle ensures a balance of strength and value for money.
  • Proprietary blend of super oils creates a synergistic effect to enhance effectiveness.
  • Contains Peppermint oil and an all natural, scientifically engineered terpenes profile aimed at combatting modern day stresses.
  • It’s got a gold lid, it must be good!!!
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Loraine, I don’t know how it reacts with statins and blood thinners.
Maybe you can research that. I wouldn’t let that slow me down.
Good luck, Roland

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Laraine-Here’s the photo you asked for. By the way, I am on blood thinners–Elequis(apixaban) and low dose aspirin. Both GP and Cardiologist said OK. Perhaps it 's only certain thinners that is a concern. I’ve had no problems. I don’t know how I’d have gotton through without it. :heart:Jeanne


look good,

the real question ( this will also take some research and understanding ) is does this CBD have THC in it ?

but I agree, maybe start without THC

THC is a component of CBD

I don’t know specs, Loraine, sorry
I can tell by the taste from experience…
But give it a try. I tried some from health shops and by post from USA
until I now source it from a friend.
In time you’ll also discover where to source it
ciao, Roland

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Loraine, no I was never on statins, though they tried to pu me on 3 times
Also thinners… I was once ; I think 1 of my high blood pressure tablets may be a thinner - i have to check. I take 4 tablets that each work in a different way. I just check my bp and it’s the same as it was 6 months ago, luckily. My stroke was due to hypertension. CBD I’m sure lowers BP. Anyway it’s CBD every night with me

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HI Loraine–Glad to know how to spell it! :blush: In my one-ounce bottle there was 1000 milligrams. The dropper, when full, holds 40 milligrams. I usually use 20 milligrams, so I only fill the dropper up half-way. I don’t count the drops. It would be too many to count as that is maybe a half teaspoon or so. (I think) I squirt it under my tongue and try to hold it there as long as I can before swallowing, so as to absorb it well. Under-the-tongue is the quickest way to get it into your system I’ve heard. Jeanne

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