Can I tell a new Employer I’ve had a stroke

During an lnterview if they asked me the question what do I do

@HarDKnocK19 it’s your call whether you inform them or not. My thoughts would be if they ask a direct question it’s best not to lie. If you’re not asked then for me it would depend on what your remaining effects are & whether you would expect them to make adjustments for you. You could spin it in a positive light & tell them how resilient it has made you because of everything you’ve had to overcome.


@HarDKnocK19 i agree with @Mrs5K good advice. You don’t say how long ago your stroke was? Good luck with interview. Best wishes loraine

@HarDKnocK19 employers shouldn’t ask about your health at an interview, as you could claim discrimination if you disclosed and subsequently didn’t get the job, though they could ask if you required any reasonable adjustments, say for example if you were in a wheelchair.

Most employers do have a health questionnaire for you to complete once you’ve been employed and you should complete that truthfully as if you had to take long/frequent periods of time off work due to your condition and you hadn’t informed them, they could say you weren’t being truthful.

This guide has some info that may help, the initial pages are about returning to work but latter pages have some info if you’re looking for work.

Good luck with the job hunting and best wishes

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