Calling all ‘Tecchies’ … Assistive Technology any ideas? Website links?

Ok … has anyone any ideas re AssistivecTechnology that you can buy, or get grants for to help te communication, vision, hearing., physically using keyboards … ANYTHING to help with comm7nication. Aybe Apps? Soz4 typing.

Asked Stroke Nurse 1.3 years ago on initial Stroke … she said she was ‘looking into it’. 1.3 years later … zilch info or contact, I did chase them up.

Anne :neutral_face:

Shwmae Anne, there’s a few organisations that offer support and grants. Janki Saye Foundation, has a grant option for assisted technology. The Sequel Trust has some useful information on tech, and they also have a long list of other resources.

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I also ‘will look at this later for you’. I’m not really a ‘techie’ and have no instant answers, but I am capable of searching and checking out info.

First I use a free operating system on my laptop and PC’s. It is very versatile and contains free aids for the disabled and disadvantaged.

I will continue this later got visitors right now.

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Most computers and smart devices contain software providing support for the disabled and disadvantaged. This material is not apparent to the ordinary user but a search using terms like ‘accessibility’ will usually reveal the switches you need to modify your device.
You could also search for’support for the disabled’ with the name of your operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux etc).
This sort of stuff is usually already built in and just needs to be enabled. You can usually find it in the settings section of your device.

I don’t want to elaborate on this as it will make things sound more complicated than they actually are.
I’d be happy to attempt to answer any questions but there are others here probably better qualified than I to give advice.


Hi Anne

We partner with an organisation called AbilityNet that may be able to help with recommendations. They have a free IT support service you can call or email.

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Thankyou so much @AshleyTH, much appreciated :sparkles:

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Hi @Bobbi

Apologies for delay in replying … what was the free platform you mentioned? And huge thanks for the info re accessibility on devices etc, and for taking the time to do so.

If you know (or others reading this) anything about Projectors and what’s the best type (indoor) what wires are needed to connect to other devices that’d be a gift as finding it hard to look at device screens now. Thanks again, Anne :sparkles:

Wasn’t sure what Shwmae means? :thinking: That’s great info, many thanks @Rups. You’d make a good Detective! :mag_right:

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If you search the word ‘Ubuntu’ you will find more about this free platform. It is a huge subject and a small library would not cover the subject in full.
However, it is user friendly, there is no need to delve into its complexities, it can be picked up and used by someone unfamiliar with the subject.

Although I have seen projectors used from a laptop to display presentations I have no personal experience of the equipment or the method.

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@Bobbi … thankyou for replying so quickly. Much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

It’s “hello” in Welsh, sometimes written su’mae. I’m an author, so spend most of my day investigating or researching in one form or another :grinning::face_with_monocle:

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