My wife had a stroke 16 years ago . Two months ago she had Botox treatment on her leg against spasticity . Ten days after the treatment she suffered muscle weakness everywhere and that has continued . Last weak she had a very brief epileptic fit and she is now in hospital . The doctor tells me that stroke survivors sometimes get epilepsy . From my research that usually happens just after the stroke or up to a few years after . For it to happen later would require some kind of shock to the brain .
Apparently if Botox is badly administered it can go into the blood and have an effect on the brain . I suspect that is what has happened. I’m interested to know if anyone has had a similar experience

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@Maougna I’m so sorry to hear your has epilepsy on top of having had a stroke.

Sending you both best wishes, hopefully it’s a one off for your wife.

I don’t have any experience of Botox or epilepsy but hopefully someone on the forum will be able to share their experience.

Take care

@Maougna hi sorry to hear about the epilepsy.

Like @Mahoney i don’t know much about the Botox. I wish you both lots of luck and sending my best wishes too Loraine

Hi Maougna, i had been having Botox treatment up until May this year when it stopped working for me. I had been having it for years for the same same reason has your wife. I am not having it anymore i am waiting to have two operations on my spastic leg, one to stop my toes from clawing under and one to stop my ankle
from turning. I have never had any trouble with it at all. Hope your wife soon recovers.

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A have the botox for about a year for my headaches it don’t do match it’s rubbish . I wish in hospital late week thought it was stroke but it’s was a fitt from old strokes I I’ve new tablets for its but my headaches still there got to be laughing all be fxxk lol