Hi every one has anyone heard from Bobbi?


I sent him a direct message the other day but haven’t heard back :pensive:.

No details of zoom groups either.

Can one of the admins or moderators reach out to him and Hilary please :pray:

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Yes I agree Andy please can @AshleyTH or @Alex get in contact with @Bobbi or @HHilary to see if all is ok please? Thanks


Not heard anything either. Hoping all is ok with them both. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

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@Mrs5K can you set up a zoom call for Monday at 2pm please?

@TRFCANDY53 I will do. I’ll post the details tomorrow if thats ok.


Thats great @Mrs5K and thanks a million xx.

I’ve just added a meeting link in to ZOG area. I couldn’t see how to create a new message so added on end of last one. Look forward to seeing you tomorrow @TRFCANDY53

Have a good Sunday xx


Thanks @Mrs5K see you tomorrow xxx

You too

Hi all
Last I heard Bobbi was still having issues getting back onto the forum after the update.
I know Alex was going to send him an email about another matter, but I will let you know when I hear back.
I will pass on your concern,


@AshleyTH thanks Ashley that will put our minds at rest x

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Hi all, I just received this message from Bobbi:

Hilary and I want to thank you for your message but I’d like you to know there is no cause for concern. Apart from access to the Forum, life goes on as usual. Although Hilary was not well over Christmas and through January she has returned to feeling better in the last week. I have been outside the house for a very short walk with a therapist. (Perhaps the break from the Forum has done us some good.) If you want to pass any of this along, that is fine.