Blood tests

When I had my 6 week stroke follow up the consultant sent me for some blood tests as my corrected calcium was slightly elevated. I had all sorts of blood tests done mainly in relation to bones and immune system. I got the results earlier this week which have detected an IgA Kappa paraprotein and I am now being referred to haematology to see if I have a condition called MGUS paraproteinemia. I spoke with my GP yesterday as I’ve never heard of this and they say that I will need to be monitored regularly as this condition apparently increases my chances of getting some conditions like myeloma. As there is a bit of a wait to see haematology they are going to repeat my blood tests in May. It has worried me a little and I wonder if anyone else has any experience of this condition?

@Mrs5K gosh we are both and Mark in the wars!

This happened to me last year same detail as you and they scared the hell of me. They repeated my tests a month later and it had settled down and was ok. Be positive!! I find some Doctors are really inexperienced at some of the problems we are all experiencing.

Sorry your going through this sometimes it’s just so unfair.

Keep smiling and talking it does help. Best wishes and sending hugs Loraine :blush::hugs:

@Loshy I just didn’t want to feel left out see :rofl::rofl: here’s hoping when I see haematology that things have settled. It is a bit scary when you just see these things on a bit of paper with no explanation.
I’m still smiling :blush::blush:
Take care xx

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