Best car to transport Dad after stroke

Hi all!
I’m wondering if anyone has recommendations on a car that has easy access for a person who’s had a stroke. My 78yr old Dad had his a month ago and is learning to walk again with a frame. I’d love to think at some point he could get in a car and be taken out with family. Not to mention, the inevitable hospital and GP appointments.
At the moment we have a 2-door BMW, which was already becoming something of an issue to get my two parents into (!) but we are seriously thinking of trading in for a more elderly, mobility-limited friendly version. I don’t want a full-on disability vehicle but would appreciate your suggestions/experiences.

@Nipper72 hi sorry your dad had a stroke. I cannot advise really but someone may be able to help. Good luck and best wishes loraine

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@Nipper72 welcome although sorry to hear your dad has had a stroke. I can’t recommend a specific car but would suggest that you need a vehicle with higher seats as they’re easier to get in & out of. Something with a fairly wide door too & a large boot for all the aids you might need to carry.
My sister has a Kia Nero which she can fit her hubby’s wheelchair in & he seems to be able to get in & out ok.

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Hi there.
Sorry to hear about your Dad’s stroke. I’m sure his walking will improve with time. I can only speak from my experiences. Just after my stroke, my husband bought a Dacia, which should have been easy to get into, but the seats were too high and my first attempts at getting in resulted in my sliding (gracefully) down the side of the car and onto the ground. After a few months I bought a Toyota Yaris, which is much easier to get into, but a tight squeeze in the back, for a wheelchair (which, fortunately, I no longer need). My thoughts for an ideal car would be to -

  1. Get your Dad to sit in various chairs to see which height he finds easiest to get in and out of, then use this as a gauge for the seat height in a car.
  2. check the boot space of the car for height, using a wheelchair, to check the chair is easy to put in/take out (and the door closes when it is in).
    Such a shame the Beemer has to go, but it won’t be suitable (I still have trouble getting in and out of my friend’s one 8 years on and I’m a lot younger than your Dad!)
    Good luck :slightly_smiling_face:
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Hi MinnieB.
Good to hear you have made progress after your stroke and thanks for taking the time to reply.
I’ve seen both the Dacia and Yaris mentioned elsewhere and I’ve had concerns both about seat height and room in the back.
So I guess we maybe wait a little and see how he goes and then maybe do as you suggest and see what he can get into easily. Plus I need to be able to drive it - I don’t want to have to handle a tank!
All the best xxxx

Fiat Doblo is a great car for getting in and out of, especially with a wheelchair. Also the renault Kangoo, same as the peugot. Hope that helps.

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Thanks! Will check them out. Xxx

We have always had a Skoda. Before I left hospital six years ago, I was taught how to get into a car by holding the top of the passenger door and going in slowly bum first. My only problem is using this technique to get into a low car seat.

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Shwmae @Nipper72, my mother-in-law who is 79 bought a Yarris hybrid because the seats are high so she can get in and out easily with her stick, and the doors are wide for easy access. It might help your choice. She hasn’t had a stroke but has physical impediments.

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Thank you. Will have to take a look at a Yaris, gets lots of mentions.

Hello @Nipper72. My husband has a 2 door Audi coupe which has been a nightmare getting in and out of as the seats are just too low. I would have accepted being shoe horned into it on my discharge as I had been diagnosed with Covid that morning and couldn’t have got home any other way ( my husband was vaccinated and had already had it). I have recently bought a Vauxhall Mokka which has a great easy seating height (but I have long legs), a decent sized boot and 4 doors. I used to drive a Honda CRV which was a bit tank like but I think it is the only reason I am still here (stroke caused by RTA). I wanted something smaller and the Mokka is a good compromise. Very happy with my purchase and no more moaning getting in/out of the Audi. Good luck, Julia

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Thanks Julia for your comprehensive reply! I’ll add the Mokka to the list to investigate. Good to hear you are back driving after your stroke.

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Hi Nipper, if you take a look at disabled aids from various online care shops they do have devices to assist with getting in and out of vehicles

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@JuliaH and so glad you had the tank. Though sorry you were in the accident, then stroke, then covid! They say things come in 3s you’ve had a bunch :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hi @Nipper72 ,

Welcome to the forum and best wishes to you and your Dad.

With regards to transport, we have gone with the Taxi option. There are taxis available with mobility options and if you check with them first, I would like to think they will be able to tell you whether they are equipped or not.

Also, not sure if where you live has a “Dial-a-ride” service which is run by the local council - if so, this may be suitable.

The taxi has worked for us for personal use.

For visits to the hospital, we get our GP to book an ambulance transfer which takes us to and from the hospital - only disadvantage is you have to be ready for up to 2 hours before the appointment, but somehow this has not really been an issue for us.

With regards to GP - we ask our GP to do a home visit!!!

If your Dad has difficulty walking, the GP can come to see him.

I hope this helps, though if it’s a car you want then I guess it won’t.

Best wishes,


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Thanks ManjiB.
All great options to bear in mind!
My dad is improving so hopefully we will adjust. Our family is spread out so being able to have a car we can get him and Mum in for visits would be good.
Thanks again for outlining so many options - very helpful! :blush:

@Nipper72 - you’re most welcome. Our needs vary and so, it seems with the car most likley to be the mode of transport to best meet your family’s needs. Your Dad will soon walk everywhere :smiley:

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