BBC Sounds for rest periods

Hi folks. I have found the tips about fatigue management very helpful so I wanted to pass on something I have only discovered this week. Apologies if you all know about it. I found it difficult to ‘rest’ which obviously was not good. But one of my rehab team mentioned BBC Sounds. I have used Sounds for music etc, but she told me of their ‘Mindful’ sections. I have found now that I can ‘relax’ whilst listening to the broadcasts which are quieter and with calming, melodic music just to drift away on. At present I listen on tv, but I want to try and use it on my laptop for sleep. Hope this might help others like me that are struggling a bit with this new world.


Many thanks, that’s sounds worth a try.

Best wishes


I tried a search based on what you said & found…

I’ve downloaded the app - thnx


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Thank you @YorkshireLady751 i think someone had mentioned this to me in the past but it had completely gone out my brain. I’ll bookmark it now and am definitely going to give it a try.

Thank you.

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@YorkshireLady751 @GavT @SimonInEdinburgh @Mrs5K
. . . to whomsoever it may concern:

You could try ‘Unwind with ITV’ broadcast at 3.50 am each night for an hour.
It can be recorded for later viewing/listening.

details of mindfulness broadcast

As ever, viewers can expect ASMR-inspired animations, tips and tricks from members of the public on how they like to relax, and readings of poetry and prose. Each will immerse the viewer in a space that will promote relaxation and reflection. ITV has commissioned new graphic animations and bespoke music through BMG: The New Music Company.


Thanx @Bobbi

I just searched - They are also available via the itv website eg which seems to be the latest (clicking the link within the discourse stroke association app doesn’t appear to work)

I’ve downloaded the ITV X app and there are hundreds of episodes available on that but I had to register and I started with the ITV app and they’re not on that they’re on the ITV-x app (Just discovered I’m on a free trial and it’s 5.99 a month when ends)

They each appear to be 75 minutes .

any that you recommend Bobby? Do you listen to it live? While kneading or do you make no-knead loaves?

[Edit: The phone app has to have the permission location turned on, the trial version is offering an upgrade to ad free
The images and soundtrack live up to the unwind title :slight_smile:

[Edit 2 fyi What is ASMR


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Thank you @Bobbi i shall give it a look. I’ll have to listen back though as usually plenty of zzzzzzs going on at 3:50 am :grin:

@SimonInEdinburgh i downloaded the itvx app a while ago & i never had to pay. I think payment is for premium services i.e. no ads. I just put up with the ads. A good time to make a cuppa :grin:

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@Mrs5K - that sounds like the right strategy :slight_smile:

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Just so you get the picture, I was up late last night and came across the ITV offering I mentioned.
I only watched a few minutes.
It is broadcast every night at 3.50 am for about an hour.
It is a record-able program which can be played back whenever you like. What I saw were gentle full screen animations with equally relaxing music. I think the content does vary from episode to episode.
There is no charge to view or record the content. It might be available streamed on ITVX which I can’t get without binning perfectly good equipment and buying all new. The cost alone against the value it offers makes it no go.

The offering is described on the link I posted above.
There appears to be hours of content which will be broadcast for a week or two every night.

Just set up your recorder, and it will get downloaded as it is broadcasted.

It might be to your taste or it might not but I’d have a look if it sounds interesting.

Happy hunting.

As an expert searching and categorizing, annotating and so on I would have thought your friend google would have info for you, @SimonInEdinburgh
I have other things to do but just this once:
Have you ever experienced the tingle that zips down your head and into your neck when someone touches your hair, very gently? That feeling of a total, sensory relaxation – almost a primal sensation of safety?
ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, which essentially means those tingles you get on the skin when something feels good.
My name isn’t google - it is Bob. This search was actually performed at Start Page. (you could research that Simon)

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Hi Bobbi
The ITV website says that you should be able to get ITVX on any internet connected device (so the same one you use it access the forum?) As well as TVs that do freesat, lg & Samsung smart TV, apple etc. surprised if anyone who accesses the forum needs to buy new equipment!! Happy to help if anyone needs it :slight_smile:

Thanks for the information on ASMR -I had looked it up :slight_smile:

I didn’t know what it was when you posted the original - and I guessed other people wouldn’t either that’s why I posted the link to the Wikipedia explanation :slight_smile:

One piece new equipment you might want…

But I think you need someone to stand behind you and administer the device :slight_smile:



Hilary has had one of those wire massagers for many years.

To blow my own trumpet, I have been complemented on my digital scalp massage, though back in the day it was two arms, two hands, ten fingers and boomps-a-daisy.
I can’t imagine a one sided version could be anywhere near as effective.

One loses so much after stroke.

Try to tune into streaming ITVX and one is presented with a message alerting that the device is not compatible and the suggestion to use an alternative piece of equipment. As I mentioned earlier it is no great loss just not having it is fine. No need for spending buckets of cash for something that is generally very poor fare.

Prices rise, quality falls into the pits, c’est la vie, n’est ce pas?

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