Bang, crash, whallop !!

I’ve crawled in here to have a private moan and whinge.
Perhaps more public than private. Poor me ! !
Things are piling up and my drive is running down.

Last week my home network started giving us problems again.
To sort this I had to get upstairs and take a look at it close up.
That is the third time, in the six months since I left hospital, of tackling those stairs under the worried gaze of my wife.
The work involved re-installing the operating system on my wife’s PC and setting it back up to what it had been. Luckily the system makes backups but it took much longer, several hours, to correct than would have been the case when I was whole and hearty pre-stroke. It turned out since then that I needed to re-install a laptop too.
As a result I have become pretty worn down without realising it was happening.

To crown it all next week we will be having a man installing fibre direct to the house. We get a new router which will likely mean adjustments being needed for tv, set top boxes, mobile phones and, yes, the home network again.

So batteries of the human variety will no doubt take another pounding.

I have been trying to get an instruction set for baking sourdough put together for the forum. I was in bed thinking about photographs I’d like to include. Then another hammer blow . . . you need a fully functioning right hand to use a camera like mine, don’t you? This stroke thing is, in so many ways, a total grand pain in the bottom, isn’t it?

They do say that when things are totally crap, they can only get better.
I sincerely hope ‘they’ are right.

I’m ready for things to take an upturn.


@Bobbi it sounds like you’ve been having “fun” but a big well done for sorting out your IT issues. I struggled with that stuff pre stroke now the thought terrifies me. All of that is a lot to do together with the energy & effort needed to even get up the stairs it’s no wonder you’re drained.
Yes, cameras are tricky one handed. Don’t know much about cameras but I’m sure someone on here will have a solution.
Take it easy.

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@ thanks Ann, I’m craving sympathy right now. As for the camera I have got a tripod and remote wireless trigger but it is more involved than the point and shoot I would normally have done.
She won’t be keen but I might try asking my mrs to take the shots. She has been taking phone camera shots that we used on the forum before now. There’s always a way isn’t there?

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@Bobbi, for some reason these technical troubles seem to do my head in too. Perhaps they always did, and are exacerbated post-stroke. Hopefully all your tech issues will stay on the rails after this. :grinning:

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@Bobbi ohhh do sorry for your hard electrical technology time not to mention your right hand camera.

Life is so testing and doubly frustrating for us.

I hope you days gets easier and better and when new broadband is set up hopefully you won’t be as tested.

By the way great getting up stairs again and again. Sending all my best wishes and hugs :hugs: have a rest sometime today Loraine :hugs:

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You have my sympathies Bobbi. As usual you make an entertaining story for us out of your trials and tribulations :pray:

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I must admit that I appear to encounter incidents whenever I set out to do something. Aah well . . .

I suppose:

  1. Plain and straight forward would make for a boring life.
  2. Without incidents there would be little to talk about.
  3. They who, incidentally, do a lot of saying, recount oftentimes that, if you don’t summon up a laugh or a giggle every now and again then all that is left to do is to cry.

I am pleased that my tumbles provide amusement. I assure you, it is all given freely.
A little sympathy doesn’t go amiss either.


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Hi @Bobbi I hope you didn’t think your tumbles amused me, I just love to read your posts they are always so well written

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@DDMH Thanks for your reply. No offence taken. Trouble with ‘writing funny’ is how easy it easy to convey a meaning you did not intend. I have to admit to getting right up some folks nose once in a while, unintentionally of course, but so bad as to be unable to put things right again.
Perhaps my words should come with a warning, something like, ‘I didn’t mean that, honest’.

I find the internet a place where it is so easy to both misunderstand and be misunderstood. Anyway, moving on,

keep on keepin’ on :grinning:

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Thank you @Bobbi good to know :+1:

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It’s hard work on bad days however these comes and goes hope you feel more upbeat soon with kind regards des

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I sympathise with you re the IT problems. I’m going to need to play with stuff at the back of the TV tomorrow when my Roku streaming stick arrives (thanks very much ITV Hub for discontinuing service on my Freesat box!) I bet things don’t go as smoothly as advertised.
I have a very nice Nikon bridge camera that I can no longer use (other than with a tripod and other gubbins). My smartphone is my alternative, but doesn’t take the quality photos I was used to taking before.
On the subject of Sourdough, I tried (and failed spectacularly) last weekend, to make some, so some extra instruction would be gratefully received!

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Hi Bobbi, sorry you’ve been having technical issues to deal with on top of everything else, it can be very frustrating.

You deserve that upturn, hopefully starting now.

Best wishes

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Hi Bobbi, I too have lost function of the my right hand. I totally understand the frustration of suddenly realising You can’t do what you used to. We learn to adapt and get praised for our perseverance but oh how I miss my right hand and arm! Definitely a pain in the bottom :thinking:

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Just a thought on the photography. If you have access to a smartphone some allow voice control :thinking:

@EssexPhil Thanks for that info Phil. I’ll look into it. Some of the things I come out with I might end up making it blush !

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