Back for another try!

I joined you all quite a while ago, but have had a bit of a downturn, so I’ve not very sociable for a time. But there is always a sunny day some where, so here I am back again. I am not very tech literate and I find the IT world a bit of a trial. I notice that the site has changed a bit so I’m still finding my way round again.
I have also just got a new laptop with different ‘bits’ on it, so I’m completely at a loss. I am reluctant to get rid of my slate and chalk just yet, but paper and pencil may be what I need now. Because of the stroke nonsense I’m finding concentration and memory is a nuisance to remembering which key I’m supposed to press! As for reading instructions…do I really have to? I’m hoping that in the next few weeks I may be able to reach the dizzy heights of making sense of what I write. Till then, nice to be with you all again.


Well done on finfing your way back. Seems like you’re dojng ok on the IT front & your post reads well.

Sorry you’ve had a bit of a downturn. Hope you’ve turned a corner. The road is full of ups & downs but eventually will be more ups than downs.

Hope to “see” you again soon.



And that’s very much the way it is for some after strokes. I found myself going through short bursts of interest and go away and forget. Only to come back a month later as I’d remember again. Still took me a year to actually become active on the forum.

So you see, there is hope, it can steadily improve and get better as the year goes on, just keep at it :smile:
Its good to see you back again :people_hugging:

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I find it very much like a roller coaster you get a little way up and then bang down you drop but keep going and allow your self down times after all we are not machines/robots and have feelings and always talk if you can’t helps me … take care and we care :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


The memory is somethng that I’m finding hard to deal with. In my other life I worked in a mental health community team, mainly with the elderly. The dementia patients I found very hard to work with because of the implications of profound memory loss. Now I find myself struggling for words and recall. I have ‘forgotten’ some very important things in the last weeks. Seeing the expressions on faces when I can’t remember a word/expression is hard to deal with. But I know that this may be temporary and I have had some good support from the rehab team. The husband is marvellous and extremely patient; he ignores my screams of frustration and does not try to ‘help’ me. I do often remember the word eventually, and it puzzles him when I suddenly shout it out hours later!
It’s good to see that others have overcome this. I know that with time it may prove not so embarrassing.


I wanted to reply to SimoninEdinburgh’s post but I found it ‘temporarily hidden’. Could someone please tell me what this means?

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Hi @YorkshireLady751

It means somebody objected to it and so had it removed. At a guess because I offered you my phone number in case you had need of support - Which I still offer you


To who ever flagged my post @alex @system @user2 ?..

Thank you for your concern with my phone number :slight_smile:
(Assuming that was your reason otherwise please explain why…)

I am fully able to - & did - evaluate the risk

My number has been available on the internet, without issue, for over 30 years (yes since before http was a prominent protocol and nntp & rfc1459 were the norm)

You can restore the post

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Thank you Simon. sorry the post seems to have fallen foul, but I do appreciate the info. I read your post on my phone and decided to answer you today as I find it easier to use my laptop to type longer messages. I would love to take you up on advice re becomig more tech aware. However, at the moment I can’t manage new information too well. As for Zoom, you might have offered to help me build a nuclear rocket!!! I use my lap top regularly as I do/did write a lot of fiction, (at present this is on hold until the concetration improves), but the technicalities have always been beyond me. I would love to know how to improve my tech knowledge. but I don’t think that the ‘Janet and John early readers with mother’ covers it. I need the ‘first find the on/off button’ type of tuition. I may well join you later though! Thanks again.

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Hi @YorkshireLady751

I’m quite well versed in Janet and John do nuclear brain surgery :slight_smile:

Am I presuming too much I explaining that zoom allows you to video chat with a group of other people ?

It’s no more complicated than a phone call and I’m happy to talk you through becoming able

I’m willing to bet that your laptop has all the capabilities required. If you’ve already got this forum loaded on both your laptop and your phone you are technically able and then some :slight_smile: and it tells me your phone is a smartphone so it will be able as well.

The link we use for zooming is and if you tap on it right now while you’re reading and reply no to the download and yes to open in browser you will connect - although the likelihood is there will not be anybody there to talk to :slight_smile:

My wife used to write via an internet group. They called themselves Worldwide Weavers apparently. Interesting that you prefer doing things on the laptop because I prefer doing them on the phone but that’s because pre-stroke I was right-handed and that’s the one that doesn’t work so now I dictate everything on the phone

I think a goal of getting the use of zoom leads into being able to join a zoom group - there are writers zoom groups as well! I just googled it and there are even some that use zoom to all sit together and write in silence which is a bit crazy :slight_smile: there’s a group in Edinburgh too! not that I’m going to join but you could

Let me know if/how/when you want to do something :slight_smile: I’ve got loads of free time



Thanks Simon. I tried the link, but what name do I put in to join the group? Do I use the name for this site or would I need to create another one? I may just end up being the silent one in the corner!
Nice to hear that your good lady is also a writer. A very lonely hobby and difficult to connect with others writers sometime. I once was in an online group, but it was not very satisfactory for me. There were established writers who did not seem to connect with the ‘just getting into it’ like me. Some critiques were quite cruel. Constructive feedback I can take, but some of theirs was downright demeaning. I will persevere with trying to conquer the IT gremlins though. Thanks for your encouragement.

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Ah now you’ve got me :slight_smile:

Because I’ve got zoom loaded everywhere It doesn’t ask me that question and it’s testing my strokey memory but I think You’re seeing the screen that asks you for a username just so it can put something on the screen for everybody else so you could reply YorkshireLady751 :slight_smile:

These writing group wrote one story between them with each of them writing the next bit it was very inclusive and comfortable.

But there are those on the internet who interpret anonymity has an opportunity to demean and criticise as if there was a reward given in heaven. I think it’s become quite hobby in some areas and is the reason that some services like LinkedIn are no longer regarded a good light.

I meant to say you’re welcome to come along and not say anything and not turn your camera on and just be a silent observer. You’re also welcome to the life and soul of the party we’ve had both extremes of various times. There is quite a range :slight_smile:


Ok, I’ve just seen I’ve written another ream so it might take you more than one attempt to read it :wink: Sorry :smile:

All that sounds so much like me :laughing: My hubby and kids just laugh and pull my leg about it all, especially when I’m muttering away to myself because I can’t remember something, can’t find where I just put something, can’t get the words out of my mouth that are already right there in my head ready to be spoken :confounded: I can see them, I can hear them, I can say them in my head, I know exactly what I want to say…and then I open my mouth :exploding_head: :woozy_face: :crazy_face:

I’m so much better at remembering important dates now…I can even remember to check the calendar :sweat_smile: And I use my phone a lot more for setting reminders; that did take me quite a while to get the hang of but I’m starting to rely on it more :smile:

Cognition which is the mental action or process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses. Once that came back onboard last July it made life so much easier a lot less distressing and reduced the anxiety of forgetting things. That was 2½yrs after my stroke. I’m certainly remembering more of the important things such as hospital/doctor/dentist appointments.

Speech I wouldn’t say has improve much. Yes it has compared to that first year post stroke, but not by much since. Although family and friends say think it has, but they are not inside my head. I think it’s more adaption and good management of my words :laughing:

So yes, there is lots to look forward to in this journey of recovery.

I think that would be a mistake to put it on hold. Stroke recovery relies heavily on repetition to either remember or to establish new links in the brain to do things and become ingrained…including levels of concentration.

Writing was something you were very familiar with before your stroke. So that is an excellent form of therapy to get back into right away to retrain your brain, spark your memory, build up your levels of concentration again.

It doesn’t matter what you write or how badly you think you write it. You have to persevere in order to overcome.
And it does gradually build back up! That’s how I did it and now my fellow forum members just groan when they see I’ve written another ream of waffle :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: