Anyone agree?

Took stroke at only 28. Was a married legal assistant. Only had the weekend to live and awoke after weeks, totally paralysed and unable to talk. Was TERRIFYING because I knew exactly what was going on. Had a massive heart op when I was stronger, then husband demanded a divorce. Was crushed mentally. Anyhow, my lovely friends were, and are, a huge support. Overcame that total paralysis and relearned to speak within my year in hospital. Got out of the wheelchair in 2008, and began using a walker. Broke my hip just before Covid. Boyfriend died shortly after beloved Dad. Need to go back in wheelchair as walking is crap due to sore leg. Am thankful am still alive, but absolutely LOATHE being disabled - sorry guys. Big love and Happy 2023. Carole xx

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Dear Carole, You have had a lot to bear, no wonder you feeling down! I hope this feeling passes and you feel more positive soon. All the best for 2023, Moira

@Spacer You’ve had an awful lot to deal with Carole, sending you love and hugs.

Best wishes

@Spacer Hi Carole, you’ve been through an awful lot it’s no wonder you don’t like how things are.

Sending love & hugs to you.

:hugs::hugs::heart::heart: Ann x

Thanks so much Moira. Really appreciate your comments and best wishes to you too for 2023 xx

Thank you Mahoney. Lovely words and same to you xx

Many thanks Ann. What lovely words, and am delighted people understand why I feel like this! Am only human and not a robot! Thought I was unusual. Love and hugs back xx

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Lots of love and thanks Loraine. Means a lot to me all the superb messages of support I have received from you lovely friends. Bless you and straight from my heart = THANK YOU xx

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Greetings Spacer. Understand your need to have a moan if we are dealt a hand of cards in this crazy life yours was a rum one but you’ve played it pretty well with what you have achieved so far I’m a moaner at times and was dealt a far better hand than you.Think a lot of readers here will benefit from reading your post. Know comparing is not good but the progress you have made with having to cope with other personnel problems is impressive and sends a positive signal so a moan now and again is Ok. May the New Year bring all of us unexpected benefits.

Hi Pds! Indeed, thanks, feel cheated! Sincerely hope folk understand. Meant zero offence. Merely a personal view. Beat myself up mentally all the time! Miss being able SO much! Also hope 2023 is better somewhat! Peace Carole x

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I am new here and have already found a helpful and caring group of people. You have had a tough time and I think you are very brave. It is amazing how far you have come but I understand your frustration. Sending love and hope for a better 2023. Karen x


Thank you so much Karen. Welcome too by the way! Indeed, this is a brilliant bunch of people, and fab that we all understand how stroke can muck up our lives. Best wishes for 2023. Carole x


Hi there Spacer,
What a story, goodness! What strength you had to fight this stroke! Overcame total paralysis and learned to talk within a year of hospital… …and your boyfriend died then shortly after your Dad…
You’re waiting for your new hip? I’m staggered about your energy after a terrible time. Go on, go on! You’re inspiring!

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Many thanks Leonalba1. Had the hip op before Covid, and all is well cheers! Have good days and bad, like us all. Find this all tough to come to terms with. Feels like it happened to someone else! Jeez, means so much that people think I am ‘inspiring’. Just did what I had to do, and worked incredibly hard, like all of us. Best wishes for New Year (all). Carole x