Another stroke?

I was doing really really well the last few months , managing fatigue well and even getting out for hour walks with the dog . Actually quite enjoying my new pace of life . ( I'm 10 months post stroke) Anyhow on Friday afternoon I had a rotten headache on my right side and generally felt fatigued. So I rested up . Woke up Saturday exhusted and back to shuffling along . Words a bit back to front but not all the time . I just didn't feel right and I'd been feeling well for quite a few weeks . I'm not quite sure what to do . Is it just stroke fatigue that has caught of with me ? I have a niggle that I might of had another stroke or TIA . I slept ok last night and it's now Sunday morning I still feel a bit lifeless , still have that crushing feeling you get in your head . My BP is normal for me 107/68 . Do you think I should call the doctor? 

Yes,call the doctor,better to be safe than sorry!

Agree 100%.  My husband had a few "episodes" in the first year/18 months of his stroke, and we were always concerned that the worst might have happened.  Please make sure you contact your GP/stroke team/consultant and that they check you - better safe than sorry.  

Fingers crossed, take care xx

Absolutely ring tomorrow your GP but if the headache or the muddled words get worse - don't wait - call 999.  I was hesitant when I had my stroke because I didn't want to spend all night in A & E - BIG mistake because I missed my timeline for the injection.  Remember what the government has been saying all last week. . any signs of people showing stroke symptoms or pains in the chest, you should ring 999 immediately as there is capacity there to help you.  They are not as overstretched now as we think.  

I called my GP this morning and waiting for call back . I'm no worse perhaps just extreme fatigue back with a vengeance. Thanks for yr reply it means a lot 

Please let us know how you get on.

Take care.


Hi Jane ,

ive been sent to the hospital for a check up x 

Fingers crossed, do let me know.


That's a sensible outcome, hope you get reassuring results.

Take good care xx

Well I was admitted to the stroke ward last night as I presented with similar symptoms as my last stroke . The CT scan was clear ( as it was before) the doctors have ordered an MRI . On the rounds this morning they said it was probably a migraine ( they said that last time ) because of covid they are discharging me and I will have an outpatient MRI this week . I asked again about stroke fatigue and loosing movement when tired , or struggling with speech . Again I was told that my stroke I had in August should not give me any of these symptoms or after affects !!! I had a right side celleberum ( sorry about spelling) infarcet . I'm still confused why these consultants do not recognise stroke fatigue. This consultant is now referring me to a neurologist. So I'll wait for the MRI and see if indeed I have had another stroke , and hope I improve as I felt so wonderful the last few weeks 

Gggggrrrrrr!  So frustrating.  Clearly none of the stroke specialists have a friend or relative who's had a stroke, and could convey the issues to them. I'm sure they are very experienced, but maybe lack some of the anecdotal information of real-life SSs.  It's fairly outrageous that they would make such a comment.  They need to spend a day or two reading SSs stories from this site - wowza, that would really give them an insight into the effects of stroke.  

I think I need to go to calm down!! 

Well, the MRI is a better scan - higher resolution - and will give an answer to the question of whether you've suffered a second stroke.  Fingers crossed xxx


So sorry to hear all of this.....I can simpathise with you over the same thing had happened to me. Try to make it brief, stroke 8 months ago, doing really really well, then I had problems again, got sent to A & E, they did do an MRI and it picked something up, so had to go back for an MRA scan, which is a deeper one into the arteries. Anway, it came back with an aneurism, so was refered to the Neurovascular Team to see whether to monitor it or do a coiling proceedure........Coronavirus hit and all my appointments cancelled, I had then started to have problems with tremors light headedness, and a general feeling of being unwell. Back and for to the Doctors, who have now diagnosed me with anxiety......rubbish!!!!! To keep them quiet (and also prove them wrong) have been trying their anti anxiety pills, which have made no difference, and all they want to do is try different pills.

Why oh Why can,t they understand this is all to do with the Stroke. Yes I am anxious about the aneurism, but nothing I can do about that, but that is not causing me my physical problems!!!! These medical people just don,t get it do they? And there is just no help for us sorry to rant on like this, but reading your letter made me so angry for you, and I so can understand your frustration. Wish I could help you more, perhaps you will be lucky when you have your neurology appointment and get a good consultant ( I only had one lady neurologist that was any good) all the others have been very patronising, which infuriates me. Good luck with it, will keep my fingers crossed for you.

Sorry about ranting again!!


Little update - they kept me in overnight as the MRI has been booked for this morning. I do feel better just a thick head , but then I have been in bed for 48hrs now so might change if I started moving around . Yes it's flippin frustrating that the consultants don't seem to get the after effects . I don't think any 2 strokes are the same and they should trust more what the patient says . I am not stressed and I'm not anxious . I'm a gown up and am telling you something has happened. The only good thing is that the GP didn't turn me away and nor did A and E and I am on the stroke ward . I am feeling better so that's a good thing 

I wish they would trust us and how we know our bodies ! My stroke never presented in the normal way which even yesterday in A and E confused them .im sorry you are having further issues too - it's funny how they seem to think we enjoy being ill ! I'd certainly love to have my old life back . 

Me too!!! Anyway, good luck with the MRI scan and neurology appointment, do keep us posted on how you are doing, it helps not feeling so alone


Hi being on the stroke ward at least means that you will hopefully get the best possible help, keep positive.  Wendy

My husband's stroke was eventually diagnosed after an MRI.  The consultant told us that it was a "funny" stroke (atypical), which was why it hadn't been picked up.  Not that helpful really, and worrying that it wasn't correctly interpreted by the doctor/neurologist on duty.  But it's water under the bridge now.  

Surely all SSs would want their old life back, no matter how well they've recovered and adapted to their new life!!  Yes if only the medics really "got" that point!  

Take care xx

I'm home ! The MRI was clear the diagnosis was a hemiplegic migraine so I've been referred on to the Neurologist. I had a chat with the Occupational Health team on the ward who strongly agreed that Stroke Fatigue is very real . So are Sensory issues. These Consultants need to understand the whole package not just the science bit! Any how I'm feeling better  and I shall continue with my recovery . Such a relief it wasn't another Stroke. 

So glad you got to the bottom of this instead of suffering in silence. My motto since I had my stroke is if in doubt, shout! Must have been a big relief for you.

Thats good news, I think we can all resonate with you that stroke fatigue is very real, it hits us all at different times and levels.  Lets hope now that they can sort the other migraine problem as that sounds very painfull for you.  Normal migraines are bad enough, the strange thing is that for me since my stroke I have not had a migraine and I used to suffer from vertigo and thats something else that I have not had since.  It will be interesting to hear what the speciallist says, keep us posted. Wendy