Amitriptyline for Pins and Needles

Hiya, Pretty much what my stroke doctor told me. He said I am not giving it enough time it’s only a little over 3 months. I sort of got that but wanted the explanation as to why I got worse over the weeks after my stroke. I didn’t get an answer for that just some more pills to take. I had been told you will only get better from here then 6 weeks after stroke stiffness and numbness started it’s leveled off now or it’s a case of I’m just getting used to it. Can’t see it ever going away to be honest and think this is me for life.

Hi Colin
Just a quick message to see if the PREGABALIN has made any difference?

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Hi mate.

No nothing yet. But I’ve only been on them a week today so will probably need more time. I promise to post once I know more.


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Cheers Colin for your reply
I’m back seeing GP on 3rd October to go hopefully on new meds for pins and needles and stiffness so I’ll contact you in approx 12 days to see if you have any results

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Hi Richie and Colin
As you are in the same position as me, I thought I would let you know that when I do anything strenuous or out of the normal (doing nothing) it makes the tension in my ribs and left side gets extra stiff/tight even down to the muscles in the back of my ear and temple do the same. I also have memory fog, so I now do word puzzles to activate my brain been advised its good for memory stimulation. I am waiting for the stroke consultant (Leeds General Infirmary) to contact me with a after summer follow up appointment, he suggested where I will ask him about these symptoms again and keep you both posted.
Try to keep positive seems we are luckier than quite a lot of the people on this forum so head up and keep pushing forward.
PS; Seems a shame we not allowed to cannot (chat by phone) members on this forum as I think it would be good to share our problem’s

Good luck

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Fingers crossed all news will be good for you when you meet the consultant. I’m more than happy to chat to anyone If it were allowed.

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Not a problem. I will keep you posted with any updates


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Morning Colin
Just a quick message to see if the PREGABALIN has made any difference yet as I’m seeing my GP tomorrow afternoon . My pins and needles and sensitive skin are up and down at the moment. Go from what I class as my standard/ regular pins and needles to quite intense !

Hi Richie

So… my GP started me on a real low dose even through the stroke DR recommended 300mg a day. For the first two weeks I’ve been on 100mg this had little or no impact at all. Since Wednesday I’ve been told to increase this to 200mg a day. I can now feel a difference not in tightness of my muscles (well the feeling of them being tight) but definitely reduced pins and needles as they basically numb you or that’s the feeling I get an hour after I take them. They are STRONG and make me feel slightly stoned for an hour or so after I take 100mg once in morning then around 100mg at night.

Its still to early to be fully convinced of these but if its the pins and needles you want to reduce i think these will certainly help.

Good luck tomorrow.

Keep in touch keen to know how you are getting on

Hi Colin
Yesterday GP has put me on 150 mg PREGABALIN ( 3x 50mg) per day so I’ll see how these work for the next month and she says always start on low dose before increasing if necessary
Fingers crossed they’ll numb the dreaded pins and needles

Great. I really hope they work for you. I’m now up to 200mg a day so they are seeing how it goes with me. Keep well mate and keep me posted as I will you.

I’m doing 300mg a day as a 150mg dose morning and evening. After a week I’m maybe seeing a slight improvement in the burning feeling in my hand and foot.

It also has anti-anxiety properties so that can’t be bad :scream:

Cheers for that
I guess I’ll see how my dose goes for the 1st month. If nothing else already they seem to be giving me a nice high :rofl:

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Hi Colin
Just an update on the stiffness and numbness, mine seems to be getting worse it is now in my shoulder and neck also my arm is now starting to ache this is after nearly 5 months post stroke, so I made an appointment with the GP, and he said he thinks its nerve damage and increased my amitriptyline from 10mg to 20mg and said he won’t change my medication. He said he is going to write to the stroke consultant for him to advise me and just wandered if you were experiencing the late problems I am getting and is this supposed to the normal.

Hi mate
Nothing worse for me seems level with no worse feelings shoulder is sore a little but other then that no change. On the pregablin which seems to be helping but stiffness still the same. Still very early I’m 4 months post stroke I know I need to give it more time.

I hope things improve for you.

Hi Steve
I’ve still got the stiffness down my left side ( no worse but no better after 5 months) and recently my left side of neck seems to have got stiffer.
I was on Amitriptyline but came off them as pins and needles seemed to get worse.
I’m now on pregabaline but think that’s for pins and needles

Think the hardest part for us all is why does it feel like we are getting worse. At the beginning my recovery was flying and everyone was wow your doing great. Then 4 months later I walk with a limp which I didn’t have and the stiffness which wasn’t there is now there and nothing seems to make it better. Pins and needles also worse.

Doctor tells me I need to give it time. Which I am willing to do but you always have a worry is this going to get to a stage where I can’t look after myself and meed a wheelchair or something like that.

Stroke doctor just told me get on with life get back to work etc and that I’ve been very lucky. Doesn’t feel that way but of course I know there are many worse then I am.

If I don’t get any worse I can deal with it but when you read others stories this seems a little like hold on put your life on hold as this is just the beginning and your going to get a lot worse than this.


Colin x

Hi Colin
It a strange one because from the outside everyone I meet all say how well I’m looking and that they can’t believe I’ve had a stroke however you and I and anyone with similar symptoms know that is not the case. To be honest my pins and needles are getting worse as is the stiffness in my upper left neck so I’m hoping after a couple of weeks of taking the PREGABALINE that they will ease the uncomfortableness. It’s hard to explain to people how these symptoms we have are and even though I would say it’s not painful they are just very uncomfortable to live with day to day. Stiffness in the rest of my left side and muscles is still there no better but no worse but definitely worse than it was 3 weeks after stroke.
Stay strong and keep thinking positive

Hi Richie

I think the unknown of how bad its going to get is though to deal with. Where does it stop getting worse. When are the symptoms going to be level no worse or no better. I worry about the end game.

Like we’ve had the stroke but now it’s like right now deal with this.

Sorry my last post was really quite negative ifs been a long day today.

I’m going to come off the pregablin as it feels like I’m worse on it particularly balance wise as it seems to numb my leg meaning it feels like it’s not there If that makes sense so I’m feeling very unbalanced.

I have a slight pain in neck and shoulder but that has just appeared over the last few days. I’ve been taking 200mg and it’s not helping.

Once again my apologies for the negative post just been a long day Today.

Tomorrow is another day as they say

Keep strong everyone :muscle: :heart: