Wondering if anyone can help me? Had Stroke 6 months ago, doing o.k. until they found a 9mm aneurism on the right side of my brain. To cut a long story short, the neurovascular team were either going to monitor it or do a coiling proceedure, but I have now had all my appointments cancelled because of the Virus.....and I don't know when I will see anyone. I have now started to have terrible panic attacks and anxiety, as I feel I am living with a ticking time bomb, if that makes any sense, so scared.

Had a telephone consultation with my G.P. who suggested anti anxiety pills, first lot she put me on horrific side effects, so had to come off them. She has now put me on 

amitripline, starting off low and then upping dose. The question I have,  is there anybody on this site who has taken this drug for anxiety, and to let me know how they have got on with it. I am scared taking anything that might have an adverse effect on my brain, as I am not too happy with putting chemicals in me after having a stroke and having a aneurism.  But I really need something to quell this anxiety and fear, so I suppose I have to try something, otherwise I will end up going mad!!!

Do hope someone has information for me. Thanks in advance.


Hi Jane, I was on medication for ptsd and anxiety for 4 years. The best advice I got was to take it in the morning with Milk with a banana whizzed into it to help it settle in my system. This did work for me but took a good couple of months before friends and colleagues noticed a different. In the short term I recommend mindfulness even just 10 min before bed to help relax your brain from constantly being in fight mode. You can get these through apps on your phone. Failing that try and imagine your happy place and focus on that... different things will work for different people but keep going we are going to beat this virus then life can restart for people xx

Thanks for that Karen, I had been told it would take a while to get into my system, but I was worried it would affect my aneurism, will take your advice about mindfulness ( will have to get the app) glad it was successful for you, take care, stay safe in these worrying times, I have to be isolated for 12 weeks due to having emphysema (can't spell at all at the moment!) so all in all not a happy time. But thank you for caring.


Hi Jane

I take 10mg of Amitriptyline every evening for nerve pain. In larger doses it is used for anxiety and depression but they also found in small doses it helps people with neurological pain which I have in my leg.  They say it takes 6 weeks or more before the small dose has any effect. I found it to be 8 weeks when it took all my nerve pain and numbness away.

I was given it by the neurologist at the hospital and says I can stay on it for life without any side effects to my stroke/brain damage.  I didn't have  an aneurism but had a blood clot stroke. I take it around 7pm in the evening and generally I am starting to feel sleepy by 9pm. I haven't had any side effects at all and its been a godsend for me so I can continue with my normal daily activities without being in pain and having a numb leg all the time.  

I guess they will start you off on a small dose and increase it over time to deter any side effects. You may not need a larger dose. Everyone is different. They do make you sleep much sounder and make you feel nice and relaxed in the evening.  Hope that helps.

Thank you so much for your reply, it really did help me, especially as you said it was given to you by a neurologist, who are the right people to advise in these matters. It wasn't that  I didn't trust my G.P. but they are not expert in these matters. I was really worried about taking it, but your advice has made me feel more relaxed about the drug. I have had to start on 10mgs, then go up to 20 and then to 30, have to do it gradually. Once again, many thanks for your invaluable advice.

Stay safe, in these worrying times.


My pleasure. Glad to help and I hope it helps you too.  When you first start to take it, you may get a dry mouth at nightime but I always take a pint of water to bed with me anyway so this helps a lot in the early days. It does go away after two or three weeks though as your body gets used to it.  Another thing which I double checked with the neurologist whilst I was there was to make sure that it didn't interact with any other of my tablets - blood pressure pills and aspirin. She told me that it was safe with those and statins too if you take them. 

Thanks once again, I only take aspirin, so that was good to hear. Hope you keep well and safe. Because I have emphysema, I am shut in for the next 12 weeks.......Happy Days!!!!  Take care.


I can't type well yet  had thi drug as a pain killi taken one it worked u slept well pam


 Not ever posted before.. I've not ever heard of this medicine and have been on 2x 100mg pregablin since being discharged from hospital in Feb 2019, following an accident that bought on a stroke with bleed on the brain a PE all thrown in with a couple of breaks. 

I was lucky enough to have really good rehab therapy etc. That's now finished. I'm back working slightly reduced hours. 

I believe I suffer from central stroke pain, hence pregablin but think it's a bit ineffective. Trying to keep fit at home doing some quite intensive programs on the 7 minute workout app. Plus running on a running machine. However my left side, particularly ankle and back of leg calf/ achilles area has seen much more pain. 

I don't know if i have actually injured something on the left or if it's the increased excersise 

I usually feel this pain to some degree somewhere on the left 24/7 but the recent increased intensity has led me here 

Sorry for the long ramble but should I be looking at Amitripline?

A scan through the forum suggests no real bad side effects? 

I also suffer from hypersensitivity could it help with that? 

Hopeful for some advice? 



Hi Gary

I also take Amitriptyline for nerve pain in my leg. It's not my stroke leg but my other one!  It is caused by a mobile disc protrusion in my lower back so when I sit down, the disc pops out and irritates my sciatic nerve which makes my leg and foot go completely numb. When I lay down or stand up, it pops back in again. I have seen the neurogologist and after ruling out another stroke, she suggested amitriptyline.  She was reluctant to refer me for surgery as she wanted to try the tablets first. The part of my back that is affected has a lot of nerve endings in it and she didn't feel it would warrant surgery on the NHS being too risky. Thankfully I haven't needed it.

It is primarily used for anxiety and depression. However, in baby doses (10mg) it is very good for nerve pain and numbness.  Prior to me taking this, I had tried everything including gabapentin which was horrid.  I could only bear to sit down for a maximum of 15 mins then I had to walk around for a long time to get the numbness to ease.  Now, as long as I don't sit down for hours on end, I am fine so can lead a normal life.  I recently managed to fly for the first time since my stroke and other than quite a few walks around the plane, I managed 8hrs to Canada and back - unthinkable before.  

I also saw 2 physios. The first one was Nuffield who suggested it was hypersensitivity. He didn't do much hands on treatment and I got the feeling he thought I was imagining it.  I was recommended another physio who was just the opposite and as soon as she examined my back, she knew exactly what it was.  So most definitely give amitriptyline a go. It takes a while to kick in - 8 wks in my case but they say around 6wks to see an improvement.  You take it before you go to bed - about 2 hrs - and it sends you to sleep.  Hope that helps.

Great and interesting reply thanks onwardsandupwards.


I have already made enquiries about Amitriptyline through the channels I have.


Interesting it helps your non stroke side although neuro related i guess. 

I have what I believe is hypersensitivity. At times the cold tap water, fine on my right hand feels uncomfortable on the left. Is Amitriptyline thought to help with that? 

Also do you know if the Central stroke pain in my left leg can be worsened by an minor injury to that area? Sounds like a stupid question but the pain is not real (so to speak!) as I feel like that may be the case due to the excersises I've been doing since lock down. 


Last one now! Are there any side effects or drawbacks to Amitriptyline?

Thanks for your time and advice. 



I think some stroke related niggles are nerve related issues that the tablets can help with although some may be just stroke related and either disappear over time or here to stay.  For example my stroke started in my little finger. 3 yrs on, I still have trouble with my little finger going numb when I do certain things. I used to dangle my car keys on it whilst opening the garage door but I can't now as it instantly drops them and my finger is 'dead' for a while till it wears off.  It doesn't like wearing gloves either which I find strange so I find myself having to squeeze it whenever I've got gloves on.  So Amitriptyline hasn't helped with that but has cured the numbness in my leg and foot which isn't stroke related but nerve related and a much bigger issue than my little finger. So I've put that down to stroke issue and I've to live with it.

I do think stroke pain can be worsened by exercise. I have been back at the gym for a year since my back problem and I mainly do weights - I find cardio boring!  There are certain machines which kill me the day after especially the leg extension and step machine so I've been told to stay off them by the trainer.  Squats can sometimes do the same as they really pull on the sciatic nerve.

Luckily I haven't had any major side effects with it. It does make your mouth dry at night for the first few weeks until your body gets used to it so I always have some water at the side of the bed.  The best side effect is it makes you sleep heavenly!  I'm on it for life so I can't say there are any drawbacks. I was concerned it may be addictive but the neurologist assured me it isn't where as gabapentin is so I'm glad I came off that.  It also gets on well with my stroke meds - blood pressure tablets, aspirin etc.

Thank you for that Pam. It is early days with them yet, so haven't found any benefit. Will keep my fingers crossed. They didn't make me sleep though!!

Take care,


my husband had severe stroke last july is now totally paralized on his left side he has a lot of pain and sometimes pills don't help him he is on amatryptaline, i found a muscle & joint roll-on with CBD the brand is ReThink i found it in a BP garage shop, and it really helps with the pain it smells like deep heat, but it does work we only put it on when he has break through pain