Am i the only american here?

Its just become apparent to me that i have joined the wrong forum. The more posts i read, the more obvious it becomes that this is primarily Europe based. Ill just add this to the list of every other support group that wasnt right for me. I very much still hope everyone here gets better every day. Thanks for having me. Good bye


Well a stroke is a stroke no matter what country you are in, so you’re more than welcome to stay. Stroke recovery queries are all one and the same :smile:
But I get where you’re coming, there are also other aspects to be considered such as medical system and so on.

This is a UK based website :smile: I’ve noticed another American and a Canadian on here but I think they are aware as they state their country they’re hailing from. Maybe UK should be mentioned somewhere on the home page :thinking:

Nooo you are very welcome here @Chlodog we love having you and your input and support is appreciated and we take your voice on board. You are not the only American but who cares about nationally. Don’t leave us :hugs::hugs::persevere: x


@Chlodog you’re not the only American at all & you’re very welcome here if you want to stay.

If you decide to leave still then i wish you all tye very best in your stroke journey.

Ann x

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@Chlodog, You are more than welcome to stay. We’ve lost our European friends because of Brexit so happy to take anyone who wants us :joy:. My sister lives in Seattle so I love a Yank.

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I assure you. Nationality has absolutely nothing to with it. It has everything to do with the fact that i joined and participated in a group thats in a different country and i did not know it. Just another reminder that i have significant brain damage. Right now, i want to delete this forum bevause thats how i deal with adversity now. If it bums me out i just eliminate it. Thats a shame in this case because i know how much love and positive energy i can bring. So for today. I. will crawl back into the gutter. I really look forward to coming back and dpending time with my english ftiends sometime. I hope

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Participate as you feel is good for you.
If / when you want to ask or answer or join in in anyway then feel free

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Hi Everyone – I’m in the USA–California. I went to a couple of stroke websites in the US and didn’t find them very helpful. This group is extremely responsive and helpful. In addition to stroke help, I have enjoyed hearing their points of view about things.–pleased to find out–they sound just like Americans. Love you guys, and thanks!! Jeanne


@Chlodog if you’re enjoying our company, then perhaps you should consider staying, yes you may have joined the forum thinking it was one thing and it turned out to be something else, go easy on yourself, it’s no biggie that we’re in different countries, it’s all about the support and encouragement we give and receive.

Best wishes


I am also in the USA. and I have found this website to be the largest, and most informative out of anything else I have used. I also feel like everyone on here is so supportive.


I may have brain damage but im not dumb. This is by far the most valuable website ive found for SS. Youve made it clear that i am welcome here. Ive woke up this morning feeling good mostly because of the feedback youve given me. For that Im grateful. Im gonna turn this into a learning ecperience as all i know about the U.K. comes from monty python and the sex pistols. So, in the spirit of global harmony im honna start by figuring out how many “stone?” I weigh. I only hope to be of some value here. Thanks rverybody


Good @Chlodog glad your staying welcome :hugs:

@Chlodog good to hear you’re staying. Look forward to you sharing your stories & hearing your experiences. We can learn loads from you too I am sure.

Best wishes.

Hi chlodog ,Welcome to the club! I think it will be interesting for us in the UK to hear about how strokes are dealt with in the US , obviously a major difference is the health system as we have the NHS here ,thank heaven for that ,I can’t imagine what would happen to us without it .

Actually reading other forums that are international the differences arent great - mainly the same problems with slightly different mechanisms that are the causes. Like pt ot discharges with out conclusions

In my case, i was uninsured because the premiums were 40% of my income. I made the wrong choice and went without it. My hospital bills are well over$100,00 (93,000 euro). As I am now disabled and unemployed, the govt provides me with a disability pension and medicaid insurance which covers all my medical expenses. so now im insured but it literally cost me an arm and a leg, and my eyesight and my brain. A huge number of Americans carry significant medical debt.

Wow @Chlodog 40% of your income is a ridiculous sum for you to be expected to pay & sadly leaves you in a difficult position. I know we complain about the NHS but at least it is free at the point of use. We do pay towards it in our wages (10% ish i think).
Good to hear you get some help now although i’m sure you’d rather be fit & well.

Wow, that’s truly shocking and shows the huge disparity between the haves and have nots. That is what our current government are slowly trying to do in the UK. We are currently so lucky to have free (& reasonable) health care, but for how long?

I’m really sorry to hear about your situation and fully understand the irony of how you now find yourself.

I wish you all the best and hope to hear how you are progressing.

Im trying to share a picture. Hope it works. Th

is is my contribution for today. I show to people who tell me how good im doing. Thanks everybody for the fellowship.


I’m curious but I don’t know where the boundary of “ok to ask” lies - so feel free to tell me its off liimits

What does 100k$ med debt mean in real terms. If your on a state pension so have no prospect of repaying doesnt that eqate to free med care at the point of use?
In the uk we are seeing long term care debated as to whether costs should wipe out life time savings before the state takes over because no insurance would cover but a savings plan could which seems about similar in total actual effect even if described in politically different guise