All gone

Had full house last week grandson and his girlfriend came for 4 days and was half term so other grandchildren of to,couldn’t quite get used to noise of all around after so long being on own even Xmas was quite, did get away few weeks back wen up north Gateshead to see my great grandson makes me feel even older now long drive and cold but nice to get out now house is back to normal and quite and trying to get used to loneliness again really messes with my head

@Mickyboy ahhh I feel for you. Enjoy the peace for a few days. Have you got a hobby you can get lost in? Can you read? If so I love Peter James crime books most of his titles are “dead man’s grip” or “Not quite dead” dead seems to be in most of his titles but it’s about a detective called Roy Grace, I couldn’t stop reading them once my concentration span got better. If you like books I would recommend them if you like fiction set in Brighton. Do you have a local church that do coffee mornings? I hope you have a good rest tonight and feel better tomorrow. You said Gateshead I’m from Sunderland but live in Cumbria. What do you think of the NE? Talk soon Loraine :blush:


Thanks for reply no don’t do hobbies as brain seems to shut down can’t watch horror movie used to love them yes it was lovely in Gateshead cold but would love to go back in summer

@Mickyboy its nicer in the summer not as warm as south :joy_cat::joy_cat:have you thought of a jigsaw you can pick it up where you left off? It could be good for stimulation just a thought. Loraine

Hi Mickyboy , I had a similar problem with the concentration when I first had my stroke. I couldn’t even spell my name. I found a little book of sudoku in Asda. It was in the newspaper and books, Isle :books:. The beauty of this is you can tear a page out and just do it anywhere, and if you’re stuck, the answers are on the back. Let me know how you get on. Tricia

Thanks for reply no can’t do books as concentrates hurts eyes tried jigsaws but same problem as start seeing double hope you’re ok

Hi yes can’t wait for summer as I really feel the cold stay safe storm coming bad weather really freaks me out used to be normal once stroke really messes your brain up mickyboy

@Mickyboy thats a shame. What about picture books? It’s not to tasking. Or even trying your hand at drawing. I’m out of ideas. I wish you well and stay warm. Hope the storm passes you by ok. Best wishes Loraine

I tried drawing with left hand takes time but do laugh can start with right hand but really struggling after 5 minutes done bit off colering will try and find some things hope you are well

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@Mickyboy colouring is a great idea and not to tasking. I’m ok thanks. Seeing the consultant about my hands Tuesday they think it’s carpal tunnel all the pins and needles I’m experiencing. 25 minutes before I got feeling in my hand during the night the prickly feeling and pins and needles alongside the numbness is really starting to panic me. It’s happening twice during the night so don’t get much sleep it’s driving me nuts. Loraine :blush:

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Hope all goes well stay in touch :woozy_face:

@Mickyboy i will thank you :blush:

Hi Loraine,
Hope you get some answers. Horrible waiting for answers, just cant wait. Fingers crossed for you.

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Hi Mickyboy,
How I wish I could draw, totally useless before stroke and guess what, still useless lol.
I hope that this gives you some quiet space.

@Amandaso thank you :blush:

Peter James is my favourite author too!!! Just started new one - Picture You Dead!!! You read that one???i also like Harlan Coben books too

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Hi yes Andy I’ve read that one. I’ve just read Left you dead. :eyes: haven’t read Harlan books. What are they about?

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All different stories but all crime based dramas and thrillers…some on netflix now too

Worth a go

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Feeling lot better made bed and had shower very slowly now lunch soup

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