All alone

Going to be alone for 4 days as all goin to pgl school drip first time I’m feeling very anxious after hospital trip


you got us here - chatter away all day - do stuff to take your mind off things

take care, Bob

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Mickeyboy, you are not alone while we are here. Try to find things to do you enjoy. We survivors feel lonely at times because we can’t do what we did. One thing we can do is be there for each other.

Hi Mickyboy–You’re not alone. You got us. Talk to us every day. To set your mind at ease, make preparations. Have all necessary phones numbers clearly written down on 1 piece of paper easy to get to: to contact family, another emergency contact or friend, doctor, emergency, etc. Keep a phone handy. Then put your mind to some fun things. Plan something special to do while they are gone. Watch a program on TV you don’t usually watch. Send out for some good meals or special treats.

:slightly_smiling_face: :heart:Jeanne


First time I was alone for a weekend, thought I’d get loads of writing done. Spent the whole weekend anxious. Second time, family went to London for four days, and I enjoyed some me time. My advice is plan pleasurable distractions, maybe a film you’ve always wanted to see but never had the chance.

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Morning @Mickyboy. Like everyone says you are not alone with us all here. Good advice on finding something to entertain you. Indulge yourself! I too used to be very anxious when left but now I just see it as an excuse to eat what I like, lie in bed reading if I choose. I really don’t mind now when my husband goes fishing for the day or has to go away for work because it also does him good. He’s in Leeds tomorrow so it gives me a purpose planning and making a meal for when he gets home. Julia

@Mickyboy the first few times I was left alone I got anxious but I now actually quite like some time on my own. As everyone else has said we’re all here if you need to reach out. Think of something enjoyable you can do to occupy tye time so you don’t have too much time to dwell on things.

Hi Mickyboy do I remember you mentioning you fished ? Haven’t fished since I was knee high to grasshopper but enjoyed watching those experts and celebs on TV. Sure those programs are still available, enjoyed one where a bloke fished from a raft floating down huge river think it was Danube.we all have days when we’d like to bury our heads down a rabbits hole, but that’s not fair on rabbits. We all have to find strategies to cope and I’m sure you’ll find one, so keep posting. Pds

Mickboy want sxxt happens you look at it and just keep laughing and it the next day

Thanks all for being here just feel as though something else is going to happen after last episode :woozy_face:

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Try and keep your mind busy. Get out in nature if you are well enough :blush:

MIckyboy–You’ve had a rough go of it lately, so it seems like only bad can happen. Don’t negative program yourself. Instea dof saying “something else bad could happen” since so much bad has happened, say to yourself instead: well, I’ve gotten all the bad stuff out of the way, now all the good stuff is due. Every day in every way I’m getting better and better. Then make a list of all the good things that happened today, like: the sun is shining; I saw a beautiful cloud today; no headaches today; tea was made just perfect; there’s going to be a good show on TV. Keep programming you brain to think positive things. It will help squeeze out the negative thinking and worry. :slightly_smiling_face: :heart:Jeanne


Hi we all get anxious at times but just make sure you all have a phone with you to call someone in an emergency. Perhaps catch up on box sets on the TV, reading calling friends for a chat or even invite someone round for a cup of tea? and of course you have all of us here to chat to.
One day at a time I am sure you be fine.
Take care let us know how it went. Dottie