Hi Bobbi, yes confidence taken a knock but there are people a lot worse off than myself. Small achievements each day e.g. using my left hand to type this response without getting frustrated when it spasms.

My physio mentioned Talking Therapies so I have enrolled with them (Talking Together Wirral). They are in addition to Stroke Association.


Hi a. clare --If you can take a picture of some of your crystal art and post it here, I would love to see it. I’ve never seen or heard of it before. If not, I understand. :slightly_smiling_face: :heart:Jeanne

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Is crystal art a bit like mosaic work? It does sound interesting.
Yes, let us see a picture! :smiley:

Hi Jeanne

Please find attached the couple I did for Christmas.

The photo doesn’t really do them justice



Hi Bobbi, Yes, a little bit. I am working on one at the moment that is hard, the pieces are square and have to be placed correctly first time as the glue is very sticky.

Oh My Goodness, Anne!!! Those are beautiful!!! The first one is exceptionally glorious! I bet they are so beautiful in real life. Thanks for sharing. :smiley: :heart:Jeanne

Hi Leanne

I am pleased with them, especially Santa/. They took a couple of weeks to do. The one I am working on at the moment is a black cat which reminds me of my cat that is still at home in north wales. miss him loads.

They are beautiful you are very talented. :grinning:

Morning @a.clare71. Fantastic, hope you are enjoying your new one. I love something I can lose myself in and look forwards to doing. @Loshy gave me the idea for paint by numbers which I haven’t done since I was a child and have completed 3 now. It is quite a mindful activity as you are just thinking about what you are doing. It helps with hand eye coordination, fine motor control, planning, memory, all good practice. Enjoy, Julia x

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Thank you Loshy, roll on finishing this hard to do cat

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Its good to see practical suggestions for activities that will no doubt fine tune the plasticity of those brain cells.

I do jigsaws too. Bought a tilting hobby table which is ideal. I force myself to use my left arm as movement still needs work on

I do jigsaws too. Sorting puzzle pieces helped get me the use of my left hand back. I can only do it in short stints as concentration issues but still enjoy them. I might look into the tilting table though…sounds great.
I also do colouring by numbers (thanks to @Loshy who inspired me with her painting by numbers).

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Hello. Sorry about your problems.
I had a walking problem after my stroke, I couldn’t walk very well had crutches at 1st and an ankle brace for drop foot. At first I was scared to go out but I thought if I don’t try I won’t improve so every other day I went to the closest lamp post and back then the next one then built up to the end of the road and progress from is a challenge but no-one can do it but be brave,we have survived and it will get better. Now 2years later I am back working part time,I have bad days and good but keep on keeping on
Best wishes.Bernadette.x

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That’s the way it’s done! Good for you, Bernadette! We have to be brave and strong keep on keeping on. :slightly_smiling_face: :heart:Jeanne

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Hi Clare, does your local council have a Time out service, these are paid volunteers who come out and make friends with you, they can assist in taking you out which will help with the agoraphobia as well as the exercise, this service is mainly given to carers for respite and give low-level care. My physio has promised me cake and coffee if I make it to the end of my shopping precinct where the cafe is (approx 200m) so try and set yourself an achievable goal and give yourself a reward at the end of your exertions, just one step at a time is the motto

Not sure I will enquire