Affected Side Pain

My affected (we are not meant to call it weak :thinking:) foot swells with being on my feet too much, also when I scratch it or apply pressure it hurts - is this neopathic pain or cellulitis?

@a.clare71 I am not medically trained but reading between the lines sounds like a bit of both. If it’s red and swollen I’d say cellulitis. I think you should get a nurse or doctor to check it out. Hope it doesn’t give you to much trouble. Best wishes Loraine


Thank you. no pain unless I touch the foot with effort or scratch it. Don’t think the heat is doing it any favours.

I think you can get a cream to keep it hydrated and make it more comfortable. As Loshy says a doctor or practice nurse will have advice. Propping it up is also supposed to help deal with the swelling.
Take care not to break the skin which could encourage infection.

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The feeling in my toes has returned - YIPPEE!!!

Wonder whether that was why foot was behaving the way it was.

Toes are sensitive. Should help with my balance?

@a.clare71 so glad for you. Did you use any method like creams or heat to help? My left foot underneath my toes still get pins and needles. Have a nice sunny weekend :hibiscus: :sunny:

Thank you. Didn’t use anything other than exercise that uses the part of body. I massaged the toes and used CCS foot care cream

Did use my Ultrasound on my foot for a about a week. Maybe that helped?

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