Affected hand feeling like ice inside

Does anyone have information or advice about dealing with a hand that feels like ice inside? Warming the hand itself doesn’t help.

Hi Pat I assume it’s our medication and for me think it’s my circulation because once I’m up and moving it warms up but all strokes are different. I’m sure others will chip in with their experiences. Wealth of knowledge here.
Welcome and keep posting

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@Pat2022 welcome to the forum. When i first had my stroke I felt cold all the time. Wrapping up didn’t work. I put it down to my blood thinners but not really sure. It has eased over time & I don’t feel the cold so much now. Hopefully that will be the same for you.

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@Pat2022 hi welcome to our forum sorry you’ve had a stroke and feeling cold.
I too think it’s the thinners. How long is it since your stroke pat?
I get pins and needles especially under my left foot then a hot trickle feeling under my right.

More people may offer advice so good luck and keep talking kindest wishes Loraine

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I frequently wake up in the morning with a right hand absolutely dead and it takes a while and some exercise to get it moving again. During that time it feels quite freezing! I’m not sure if this is exactly what you endure but I dont think there is anything one can do to to avoid it. The fact that it recovers in a short while is enough to not worry about it. By the way I play guitar and keyboards, both extremely badly these days!