hi can anybody help with some advise please ??
ive been to the docs this morning and explained all my symptom’s ie heavy legs , sticky eyes , tingling in fingers /face feet and been like this for weeks !! anyway he has put me forward to have blood tests done and said for now leaver meds as they are plus my BP was spot on !!! :+1: anyway he said that after a stroke the body can start to go the other way ??? what does that mean ?? and yes i did not ask when i was there !!! and now its playing on my mind a bit , so has anybody got any thoughts or have heard the same on there road to recovery cheers :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :+1:


Recently my stroke consultant was talking to me about something similar ish I guess about why I seem to be developing extra issues like possible post stroke epilepsy and fits and other stuff… It seems pretty normal at some stages of recovery for some people and can fluctuate so don’t panic!!

I’m trying not to be too worried about loads of stuff but I know how hard it is when you get that in your mind and you’re already anxious and you already forgot to ask the docs and it’s brain fog and now you just want to chill until next week but it’ll be hell.

I really get it mate.

Happy to have a chat about it anytime you want mate K :wink: :polar_bear:

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@Moonie66 I wonder if it could be late onset spasticity. I was doing great 6 months into stroke I started to get tingles in face, neck etc. now full blown spasticity on right side. Ask your Doc. and best wishes to you.

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Hi there!

I know what you’re doctor is talking about: it’s called post-stroke regression. It’s not always predictable, as sometimes, it can be reversible, too. It all depends on the patient, their health, mental state, age, etc. Every stroke patient is different, despite all their similarities.

Why am I talking about this? Sadly, this happened to my mother after her brain bleed stroke. While she made a fantastic recovery on a physical level, she regressed mentally over time. We did everything to help her “un-regress” but to no avail. While her memory and speech, and a lot of her cognition stayed intact, her emotional mind got worse and worse over time; not only that, she started to think irrationally about things around 6-8 months after her stroke. Things never improved, but stabilized for a while, and then got worse again. She was more or less like a dementia patient towards the end of her life, even though she didn’t have any proper dementia, or so they said. It was simply post-stroke regression. She required 24/7 care. We all knew that my mother was headed for complete mental insanity (she was well on her way).

She also developed seizures almost 2 years after her stroke. That was also a form of regression, too.

^ All that said, this doesn’t mean that this will be you, or that you are actually regressing, or you’re going to turn out like my mother - no! But sometimes, people regress after a stroke (physically, mentally or both), but they can sometimes undo that regression if they catch early enough (that’s what we were told).

If you do experience some physical regression, it’s not the end of the world. Just start doing exercises, taking better care of yourself, etc. Also think about doing qigong, relaxing yourself somehow (I know how hard it is).

Strokes are life-changing. I am sorry we all have to deal with this.

All the best,


Hi Moonie
The sticky eye, I went to an optician who said I had bletheritus. Eye seems to produce initially a creamy coloured discharge that works its way to the corner of the eye. Now it’s like having hayfever without the itching apart from it feels like a waxy substance which eases if washed in warm water.
For me my stroke side is the worse of the two. Eye feels very gritty and eye lashes at times stick together.

Is that similar ?



a key message there to @Moonie66

You are a good man as usual

And so are you

K :polar_bear: :wink:


Hi Moonie… would you say this to a patient? plant a little phrase, in itself unintelligible, in someone’s mind, not explain yourself and let them go to ponder on this mumbo jumbo? That is sick and incompetent. How dare he mess with your faith in a successful recovery. You must never doubt your own ability to recover. If you do then you compromise your recovery, which very much needs your vision of success and a field of view without doubts, complications, and buts…

Anyway, he may mean something so different that there’s no point in trying to work out his meaning. We certainly must put every negative thought out of our mind… we have a job to do. May nobody slow you down…

Good luck, Roland


I got the same comment from the eye hospital, blepharitis, and now Meibomian gland dysfunction, or MGD as a follow on. This compromises my tear layer, as I am missing the outermost lipid or oily layer. Very uncomfortable, and am using drops called i-drop MGD to rebuild that layer, and eyelid wipes, and hot compresses to try and unblock the glands.

The waxy residue you have could be a discharge of meibum, which is this oily layer, designed to protect your eye, and protect the aqueous layer beneath it. If the meibum is missing, your eye will still water, but this will be ineffective for the most part.

Hope it clears up, good luck,


I hope I haven’t got Moonie66 and Nigelglos mixed up,

In case I’ve been talking nonsense, please disregard.
But in all cases “please have complete faith in your optimal recovery”
Otherwise what’s the point if we don’t fight with heart & soul?

Good luck, Roland


No, you never talk nonsense, friend.

Yes, you need to have complete faith in your optimal recovery, no matter what curve balls are thrown to you along the way.

All is well, getting better.


Cheers Roland, thanks for the info
Think I will need to get it checked out to see exactly what it is