Advice or help please!

It’s now seven months since my second stroke and I was wondering whether anyone has experienced the following side effect.
I have just discovered that my ability to swim has gone. My right arm and leg are now fully in use after my stroke and so I was expecting to swim as normal but I’m just like a beached whale when I try to swim! Is this peculiar to me or has it happened to anyone else?


Got back in the pool last week, i knew i couldnt swim because of the hemiparesis. What i really wanted to do was blow out all my breath and sink to the bottom and be weightless. Its something ive done all my life. No matter how hard i tried i could not sink! So i cant sink and you cant swim. This stroke stuff just gets more bizarre everyday. Can you start by holding a float and just kicking your legs? Good luck my man.

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@Selwyn odd one I can still swim though I’m not good at it. I agree with @Chlodog try a float to start you off or a woggle. Good luck and keep trying. Loraine

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What non swimming are you experiencing?
Lack of coordination or what?

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I am able to swim still. A bit lopsided but was never a strong swimmer anyway.

Hopefully it’ll come back to you soon. Don’t give up x

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Thank you for all your responses and ideas.

The major problem is buoyancy in that I appear glued to the floor of the pool!

I shall try out your ideas – hopefully using a float may help with this!

Thanks again