Accessing a slot for supermarket deliveries for loved one affected by stroke

Good Afternoon everyone. I have a query on behalf of someone else about accessing supermarket delivery slots. Previously, people classed as 'vulnerable' could access priority slots for deliveries. However now that shielding is 'paused', I believe this system is not up and running anymore. Now that restrictions have been coming back in recently, how can you access these delivery slots? Has anyone had a positive experience accessing a delivery from a supermarket, or have any useful advice on this matter? I am sure there are many people affected by stroke out there who are experiencing the same concern.

Many thanks,


I tend to try and order about three weeks in advance.......a pain as you don,t always know what you will want!!!.....But it is working for me. Asda only show up as far a three weeks in advance and I tend to be able to get a slot, either at midnight or very early in the morning. I don,t know how the other supermarkets run, but this is how I do it with Asda.

The other thing I do ( I live in a rural area) and have managed to find a small village shop that is now doing deliveries for vunerable people, which is a real bonus. I know that it is more expensive, but I am prepared to pay to have this service. It has been so good that when this is all over, I shall try and frequent them more often. Here's hoping you have some luck, will keep my fingers crossed for you. Jane.

Hi Jennifer, I found that ASDA were absolutely hopeless.  However, Morrisons were good, slots available although sometimes they were late in the evening (but better than nothing), and Tesco were reasonably good.  I think it may depend on your area.  I now shop every fortnight so that I've always got a delivery slot booked.  It's something of a logistical nightmare keeping track, but once you get into the routine it's not too bad.  I'm fairly good at keeping lists, so I order what I need rather than impulse buys, and then forget the essentials!!  

Good luck xx

Sainsbury's did have a helpline. It was easier to access deliveries if you had used them before. If the helpline has closed l would contact your local store. I have noticed that there are more slots available now. I can usually get a delivery , or a click and collect, within 2 days.

As others have said, I guess area by area may differ for the national supermarkets. My experience is with Tesco who have a 3 week offer of delivery days so currently I have my delivery booked for this Thursday and next Thursday. Tomorrow (Wednesday) I will book my order for the third Thursday. Slots are usually available still at 9am when I check. The day before the delivery I can update and finalise my order which ensures I have everything I need. This also means that when I put my order in tomorrow for the third Thursday it can just be for a couple of items to book the delivery slot, and I will update the order the day before it’s due with a full list of things I want. This sounds complicated but I have got into a routine (always helpful with the brain!) and it works for me. Pat