A Warning

Hi All,

It has been said that a TIA stroke is a warning. Not sure what else you can do to protect yourself from having another stroke. I had one May 26th 2022. I have never smoked, don’t drink. Eat sensible & not overweight. Any advice on this would be helpful.

@Woodside welcome to our forum and sorry you had a TIA.

Your stroke team will have put you on prevention medication to help you avoid a stroke. There’s lots of titled pages with advice we have all wrote about if you have the time to read.

I’m not sure what advice I can give other than carryon with your clean living life. We are all different and all suffered different types of strokes and the advice I received on here from all us SS have been instrumental in my recovery.

I wish you well regards, Loraine

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@Woodside welcome. Sorry to hear you’ve had a TIA. They are said to be a warning sign of a potential stroke. Hopefully you’ll have been given some medication / treatment which will reduce the chances of a stroke. Keep up with the healthy living, keep the stress levels down & try not to worry. You could ask your GP what else you can do to ensure your TIA doesn’t turn into a stroke…although there are never any 100% guarantees.
Best wishes

Hi @Woodside , welcome, As the others say keep looking after yourself and try to stay reasonably active. I don’t think living like a saint is any guarantee you won’t have a stroke (& if it is then it will be a pretty boring existence in my opinion).
I was not overweight, didn’t smoke or drink too much and excercised regularly so who knows why it hits certain people.
In some ways at least you’ve had a warning and should be on some preventative medication. Keep a eye on your blood pressure and try not to get too stressed.
Hopefully your doctord will give you some advice too, but don’t spend your whole life worrying about it.
There are many of us here that will answer any questions and share their experiences.
Good luck & fingers crossed for no repeats
All the best.

Hi Woodside-- Have they discovered the cause of yourTIA ? When I had my stroke, they recommended that as soon as I got out of the hospital to see my GP, a neurologist and a cardiologist. I’m glad I did. The cardiologist put a 24-hour heart monitor on me and found that I had afib (a common cause of stroke.) I never felt anything and was totally unaware I had it. He put me on medication to control that as well as blood pressure. I’m also taking blood thinners and something to control cholesterol. Since I am taking steps and doing all I can do to prevent another stroke, I don’t worry about it anymore. P.S. Even though you are doing everything healthy, it is still possible to have high blood pressure and/or high cholesterol, both possible stroke causers, so it’s good to have those things checked out if you haven’t alreaady. :heart: Jeanne

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Hi @Woodside hopefully you were prescribed medication and have tests booked to check out the usual suspects and stroke indicators, high BP, heart issues, cholesterol etc.

Keep up with the healthy lifestyle wishing you all the best