A letter of encouragement to my newly stroked self

I thought I’d write a letter to myself, encouragement I would have welcomed after having a stroke. Please join in and write a letter to yourself. I thought the process may be enlightening for you and would be positive and helpful to those recently joining the forum following a stroke to read, sending positive thoughts out there.

Here’s mine:

Hi, it’s me, your future self. Firstly, let me assure you that with a little time, you will feel better about yourself and the predicament you find yourself in at the moment, all is not lost.

It’s frightening situation and you have work ahead of you, you must stay strong in your willingness to participate, determined and focused. It’s a balancing act between activity and rest. Push yourself gently at first, fatigue is something to watch out for. Your brain is starting the process of working around the damaged area, creating new pathways, it takes time.

Yes, is scary; yes, you’ll be frustrated; you’ll feel anxious and hopeless at times but you must not give up. You’ve got this, you’re a fighter, determination is your friend at this stage.

You’re still you, you may be a little different, but it’s you, your body and brain need you to adjust your mindset and adapt. Embrace this new chapter and challenge. It wasn’t part of the plan you had envisioned for yourself, however there’s no going back now, only forward.

It’s ok to feel emotional, let the tears flow when you need to. You don’t need to hide and cover up your emotions, it’s all part of the healing process, let them all out.

Believe in yourself.


@Mahoney ohhh that was lovely to read and very true. Thank you for sharing with us.

On wards and upwards xx🤗


That’s brilliant, well done. You’ve covered everything and I’m sure it will be a great help and inspiration to any new stroke survivors joining our forum. Also be a good pick me up for some of us long term contributors, it certainly made me think.

Regards Sue


@Loshy thanks Lorraine, we’ll all adopt @Bobbi ’s phrase, onwards and upwards to you too :+1: have a great day :hugs:


@Susan_Jane thanks for taking the time to read and reply, big hugs, enjoy your day :smile:


Ive seen the following phrase somewhere…


Acceptance is the biggest psychological part of recovery.
Yes you are disabled, yes you might need a wheelchair but these life changing things can just be temporary with a positive approach and commitment and goals and determination to succeed.


You cant change whats happened but you can change how you react anf influence your future self


what a great idea might have to try it


What a wonderful note to oneself @Mahoney, and a good read for those currently in the early stages of rebuilding after stroke.


@TRFCANDY53 too true, acceptance can be a difficult concept and journey, but it’s the only way forward.

I like the 3 A’s approach too, thanks for the reminder, take care


@chris67 please do join in, I’m looking forward to reading your letter, best wishes


Here’s my motto,
take it and make it your own if you like:

Keep on keepin’ on
:smiley: :+1:

@Mahoney and all others reading and writing on here, I am proud to stand, or sit, with you.
Together we are strong.


Thanks Rups, I would have appreciated an encouraging outlook back at the beginning. Whilst it’s still a journey we ultimately navigate alone with regards to effort and participation, (hopefully with support from the sidelines from family and friends), we have to dig deep at times and every positive thought helps :smile:


@Bobbi @Loshy my apologies to you both, obviously getting mixed up again, as usual :joy::rofl::joy: hmmmm ok I’ll blame it on, let me think… you know of course…. :brain:

@Bobbi can’t agree more - together we are strong


@Mahoney on wards and upwards…… as @Bobbi says keep on keeping on :joy::joy::blush::blush::hugs::hugs::hugs: x


Not quite as eloquent as @Mahoney but here is my letter.

Hello, it’s me … your brain.
The new you is being born.
A work in progress but i’m still in there.
Be patient and kind to me and in return I’ll help you get back on your feet.
I’m broken but fixable with time and encouragement. Sometimes I’ll hurt a little. Sometimes I’ll hurt a lot.
If I hurt then please let me rest so I can come back stronger.
I’m finding you some new connections. These take time to build but build they will. If you can help me along with some spirit and determination I’d appreciate it.
Try, try and try again. Repetition is what I need. If you do this for me I’ll find those new pathways you need.
Thank you from your brain.


That’s lovely Mahoney and Mrs5K. Thank you both


Ahhh @Mrs5K thats so true. So lovely thank you for sharing with us x :hugs:


A good thread Mahoney. Best advice I was given and took on board was don’t moan and groan, you can never explain what’s happened or how you feel. Accept it the best you can, don’t waste time and energy trying to explain just say Somethings missing and leave it at that.
Bit by bit things do improve you sometimes don’t see it but others do. Three cheers for this wonderful forum and all who post. :kissing_heart:


Hi - this is me, four years on.

Please try to accept what has happened to you. Acceptance will help you look forward and not dwell on the past (or be a ‘when we’ as my partner says).

Understand that your life might be different to what it previously was but can be just as rewarding. You had a great life prior to your stroke but you will have an equally great life afterwards, albeit in a different way.

Take advantage of every offer of help or opportunity that comes your way. Try things! Without that, you would never have discovered your love of exercise.

Take (sensible) risks. What’s the worst that could happen? If you don’t, you’ll hold yourself back by thinking you can’t do things and would miss out on a solo trip to your ‘special place’.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. If you’re tired, you’re tired and you need to rest. Similarly with your emotions. If you need to cry just let it all out. People are more understanding than you might think.

Lastly, however bad it is at the moment, it will be okay in the end. Honestly!