5th covid Jab Moderna ! Due to being immune surpressed

Morning everyone, hope you have a lovely weekend. I’m having a moan and feeling sorry for myself. I wasn’t that great yesterday with pains in my spine, neck hands and legs just about everywhere. I think it’s through the spinal lumbar and cervical stenosis. I cancelled my booster when I had pneumonia so I got the jab yesterday. I’ve had a dreadful night and feel pretty awful this morning it’s as if the jab has over road my pain medication. I’m suffering badly with my hands pins and needles and numbness it is taking me ages to write
this. I have head pain which is panicking me as it feels the same as after the stroke. Just wanted to mention it to caring people who understand. I’m pretty low this morning and tearful. We were going to test drive the electric car to our youngest
daughters who lives an hour and half away but I’m feeling so low I’d spoil the weekend. Thanks for listening :ear: :flushed::blush:

Sorry to hear you are feeling so low Loshy, that is so rotten for you. I know I can’t do anything to help, but just wanted to let you know I am thinking of you. As you said, its only us stroke survivors that can understand, I can only send you hugs and say “chin up” it will ease. Thinking of you today.

@jane.cobley thank you Jane it’s like I said two steps forward and 3 back in a different post. Hope you have a lovely sunny weekend :hugs::hibiscus: Loraine

Hi @Loshy , sorry to hear you are feeling this way. Sometimes a good rant, a good cry and some time spent feeling sorry for ourselves is just what we need. So go with it and remember…Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down.
You are a Weeble !!
Hoping you feel better soon, sending Best Wishes, Karen x

Hi @Loshy im sorry to hear you’re feeling so low today. You’re probably right that it’s through the booster jab, lots of people have reported feeling a bit unwell with it but when you have stroke symptoms as well it must be terrible. I know you’ll be taking regular paracetamol but I also find closing and opening the fingers quickly sometimes helps, it probably increases the circulation a little. I think you’ll have to have a day of rest and relaxation if you can and hopefully these pains will pass.

@mum2two @Craftchick hi thank you ladies it makes me cry when you are kind too! I think I’ve reached rock bottom last night and today. I will rest as I cannot seem to do anything else. I will keep moving my fingers thanks for your kindness and advice! Loraine :hugs::hibiscus::blush:

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Colin who was a wise contributor on the old site would tell you to trick your brain by smiling. So that is what I’m going to advise, even if it’s a fake or forced smile, no more tears or we’ll all be crying. Stroke makes us so much more emotional. Rest up today there’s nothing that can’t wait. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

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Sorry to hear you’ve taken a dip @Loshy, all these added burdens on top of stroke recovery can take their toll. It’s not easy, at the best of times for us, let alone the worst of times. I usually take timeout, I have bed days. I use a car pillow in bed, it’s been very handy for supporting my neck. I also use tiger balm, infrequently, but I do find it eases ligament pain, or at least distracts me from the pain. I also find it helps to slow down a bit when feeling a wreck, I am thinking of you and hope you resurface in better form soon. :grinning:

@mum2two im trying that smile :blush: :+1:t2:

@Rups thanks for your input. I’m resting today but messed our weekend up :flushed::blush::hugs:

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Hi Lorraine, so sorry to hear you’re having a rough couple of days, I’ve heard a few people feel a little off after the Moderna jab, hopefully you’ll be feeling better soon and get to enjoy the weekend and the test drive.

Sending love and hugs, feel better soon :hugs::hugs::hugs:

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@Mahoney thanks I’m doping myself with paracetamol to see if it can help. You too enjoy the weekend :blush::hibiscus:

@loshy Loraine, sorry to hear you’re feeling so low. I was really poorly after all my covid jabs & that was before my stroke so can only imagine how awful you must be feeling. Sorry to hear its ruined your weekend too. That’s rubbish :confused: hope the jab effects wear off quickly. Take things easy & rest loads & just let those tears flow. Sending you love & hugs :heart::heart::hugs::hugs: xx

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@Mrs5K thanks I think because of the carpal tunnel in both my hands and the cervical and lumbar stenosis, it’s cancelled all my medication out so I’m feeling riddled with nerve pains. I’m taking it easy though! thanks for your kind work words :blush::hugs::hugs::hibiscus::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Dear Loshy Sorry to hear you are feeling low. My father always said. Trust in God the sun will shine, though dark the clouds, tomorrow. I have always found it a most helpful thought. Keep on trying. Love Lilian

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@l_platt aghhh thanks what a lovely thing to say! I think I’m just extra low since the 5th jab! I’ve layabout all day if I’m ok tomorrow we are going to see our youngest and her hubby tomorrow. I hope I can. Enjoy the weekend our sun shine has gone in Cumbria :flushed::hibiscus::blush:

Hi @Loshy it sounds like you may need your pain meds reviewing while you’re in so much pain. I sometimes use a hot water bottle on my back if I’ve pulled it, it’s not the same problem you’re having but it might be worth trying. I don’t have it red hot and the bottle is covered, it’s become my go to treatment. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

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@mum2two thanks Ann my medication has been upped to quite a lot but I have a doctors review on Tuesday so I’ll speak to her then. I’ve used a heat pad it’s eased a little but I think the covid jab cancelled out my medication. Thanks for your caring words. Have a nice bank holiday :blush::hugs:Loraine

Loshy—Sorry you’re feeling so rotten. I wouldn’t worry too much, since you just had a booster. I felt pretty bad after mine. If you have head pain that’s probably the shot, too. I ran a fever with it, and that can cause quite a headache. In fact, I couldn’t walk and almost passed out. It will likely pass soon, so just have a good cup of tea, pamper yourself, and rest–test drive the electric car to see you daughter next weekend. All is not lost. We’ve all learned that everything takes a little longer to happen after a stroke, but it eventually happens. P.S. Tylenol helped.

:slightly_smiling_face: :heart: Jeanne


Sorry to hear this. My first jab was mild, but the second absolutely wiped me out for 48 hrs, then it was gone. Hopefully yours will pass too, and allow you to enjoy your visit (that will probably lift you a bit too) All the best

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