39 years old - had a minor stroke

I was diagnosed with high blood pressure 3 years ago has been under control with meds but last Wednesday at work I went to get up and collapsed as I had no strength in my left leg. Went A and E and they confirmed I had a minor stroke. Currently writing this from my hospital bed.

It’s my left leg which I’m having issues with and after reading posts on this site I know the after effects of my stroke is not as bad as some of you but I think wanted to see if there was anyone of a similar age on here?

Looking forward to getting to know you all more as I work through my recovery!

You may think you are too young to have a stroke. In reality anyone of any age can suffer a stroke. There are people on here at a range of ages. I am now old (64) but was 32 when I had a stroke.

@RaksP welcome to the forum although sorry you’ve had a stroke. I was 49 when I had my stroke (50 now) and I too was told i’d had a minor stroke but 12 months on it doesn’t feel like it was minor. I know it could have been much much worse though.
A lot of stroke survivors get hit by fatigue & at this early stage its important to lusten to your body & rest when you need to. Your brain needs plenty of rest so it can work its magic.
Hopefully physio will help you get your leg back working properly again.
Have a read through the posts on the forum. There’s plenty of advice there. Ask away when you need to.
Wishing you all the best as you go along your recovery journey.
Best wishes.

Ann x

@Janetb Hi welcome to our fabulous forum I’m so sorry you had a stroke.

It’s great you have found us quickly as there is a wealth of experienced support on this forum.

I wish you luck in your recovery and there are lots of threads you can read about us all on our journey. Kind regards Loraine

Hi, welcome to this forum. Sorry to hear of your stroke at such a young age.

A useful website you might be interested in is differentstrokes.co.uk A UK stroke charity providing a unique service to younger stroke survivors.

Hope this is useful. Good luck with your recovery and feel free ask questions or rant and moan if you feel the need.

Regards Sue

@RaksP hi, hopefully you’ll find lots of support and encouragement here on the forum.

Wishing you all the best

Back at home sick from work still can’t walk without help need walking stick. Thinking of working from home. Scared of what I’ll be paid this month didn’t expect not to be working

I’ve been off work 13 months now. Hoping to return very soon. When i was fiagnosed with my stroke I thought I’d be back at work in a couple of weeks.

Money is a worry but my advice is to take all the time you need to recover. Your health is more important. Talk to citizens advice about what you may be eligible to claim. Might help ease the pressure a bit.

Best wishes.


@RaksP its tough when all you can claim is SSP as it’s not a great deal especially when one is used to having a monthly wage. Do you have an insurance with critical illness? You may be able to claim on that. As @Mrs5K mentions please contact citizens advice or check their website to see if there is anything extra you can claim Here.

Don’t rush back to work if you can avoid doing so as once you’re back at work the initial weeks/months can be a struggle. I had 5 months off work and thought I was ready to go back, the 6 weeks phased return was not long enough and it had to be adjusted to a longer period. I still only work 4 days each week as I need a recovery day mid week. If my brain is tired it affects my body and if my body is tired it affects my brain.

If you really do have to return, please speak to your HR dept ask for an OH assessment as you may require frequent rest breaks, whilst I hope you can dive back into work with no adverse effects, you may need a safety cushion of reasonable adjustments and the backup of an OH assessment or simply a Fit Note from your GP that says you are fit to return if a), b) and.c) (list of criteria/adjustments are provided).

Best wishes