3 YR ANNIVERSARY REFLECTION. (Typed by wifey - Christine)

Where are you?
I’m in Midlothian with at few in preson groups and I run an online one (I posted elsewhere) & my wife is reinsating the carers zoom ‘cafe’ every other wed 1st next week at 1030

Hi David, Im almost at my 1 year anniversary, I’ve made big improvements in the last year. don’t know what to expect in the second year, is there still progression?
Take care

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Progress is ALWAYS possible if you work at the edge of capability.

Not necessarily continuously but continually & with variety

There are no plateaues in arrears, once reached they are new launching pads (after a short rest maybe)

When ‘professionals’ tell you otherwise they show they haven’t kept up with research or can’t sufficiently inspire those they’re charged with helping and need a way to relieve the dissonance

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