18 months post stroke

Hi. I’m Colin and I had a stroke in June 2020. I lead an active life and came as a shock. Fortunately I got treated quickly (clot buster) and have made an excellent recovery. The emotional and psychological problems took time to come to terms with. I found it hard to talk about.
The NHS were brilliant at sorting me out, but it seems once you have been discharged, there is little advice or ongoing support unless you have been disabled by it.
I feel the psychological support could have been better, and I have put my name down for voluntary work to help others “post stroke”
Thanks for reading


@Colliwobble hi Colin sorry you had a stroke but welcome to our forum where you will find a wealth of knowledge and experience from all of us. If you read through some of our posts you might find answers and support. We all do the best we can for each other. After discharge I felt I was on my own it’s 13 months since my stroke but since then I’ve had knock on effects and so has a few other SS. But any questions you have there’s always someone with their advice and experience. I wish you all the best . Loraine :blush:

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@Colliwobble welcome to the forum. I think a lot of people feel that the support could be better. I’ve been supported quite well up to now but do worry when they finally discharge me…I am 5 months post stroke. The Stroke Association are a good source of support that you could use if you want. This forum is a great place for support & help. Was good to read your story. Best wishes Ann x

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Hi Colin @Colliwobble welcome to the forum. I’m so pleased to hear you’ve made an excellent recovery, though I hear what you say about the emotional and psychological issues it leaves behind.

We’re here to offer our support as we’re a friendly bunch who have a wide range of experience of how stroke affected each of us, not forgetting the carers, who go through a different, though equally tough time, from a differing perspective.

Volunteering to help other stroke post stroke should be very rewarding.

Wishing you all the very best, take care.

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Thank you for the kind welcome.
I feel I have put the issues behind me now and now looking forward with positivity. I wish I had found this site when i needed it.
I wish you all well, and would like to offer any help or support to others going through the same turmoil I had


Glad you find this site and that you made a very good recovery with kind regards des

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Welcome @Colliwobble (like the name).
Good that you’re recovering well.
I think helping others will be very thereputic for you as well as helpful for others. I still join the fortnightly Zoom café that the stroke association organise. Even though I’m back to work now I find it nice talking to other SS and to share my experiences (I’m also quite good at filling the gaps when people are shy or not keen to talk).
I hope you continue to improve & wish you all the best


Hi Colin-- I agree. There is great need for psychological help after a stroke. I finally started seeing a counselor a couple of times a month for a few months after my stroke, and that helped. The best help is contact with other people going through the same thing. Hence, I show up here now and then. I try to help others through this and another website, and in turn are helped by those I meet here. That’s great that you’ve signed up to help others “post sroke”. Helping others is the best medicine of all. :slightly_smiling_face: :heart:Jeanne


Shwmae @Colliwobble, croeso. I hope our forum can provide some supplementary support for any psychological issues that may have arisen from the stroke you had. I find that the psychological aspect is often the last to be addressed post-stroke, there are several organisations trying to rectify this through mindfulness and CBT. Well done on volunteering, it’s needed.

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I had my stroke in 2020 as well and in June, I was treated quickly as well, three days in hospital but I still suffer with PTSD, the sound of an ambulance siren puts me on edge, and I still think about the mri scanning machine and the other one, I opened my eyes in one of them and I really thought I was going to be crushed it has had such an impact on me, if I can’t sleep and it takes me back there in the hospital I have to take Zopiclone to help but I am trying to wean myself off these.I find the nights are the worst, but I’m like you I’m one of the lucky ones, no physical signs, just memory and decision making are the hardest things I have to cope with and crowds,noise and too much information. It takes me ages to decide what to wear in the morning and I can change three or four times until I’m happy with what I am wearing, it wears me out before I’ve started the day. But I’m here, and I have a new grand child to look forward to in July
Take care Colin


I think everyone has different reactions to having a stroke, so don’t beat yourself up about the negative side too much (easy to say) recovery and the effects seem to be different for different people. The more time goes by, the more you adjust.
I found just by setting little goals and concentrating on achieving them helped take my mind off of day to day issues, and when I look back I can see how I’ve improved. It may help you too.

Don’t forget, you have a new grandchild to help take your mind off things for a while.
Is it your first?

I try not to be negative, and I find gardening really helps, I’ve started growing my own seeds for the first time and I’m really pleased with the outcome. It is my second grandchild and we are all going to the Isle of Wight for a holiday in May, that should be interesting :thinking:

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Well you beat me there. I know nothing about gardening :laughing:
I wasn’t implying you were being negative, I was trying to say try not to dwell on it.
Have you been to the Isle of Wight before? One of my fave places. Where are you staying?

I’ve been to the Isle of Wight when our children were really small, so I’m looking forward to going with our three year old grandson and our daughter and son in law, I’m looking forward to seeing Osborne house, my husband and I love castles and gardens we belong to English heritage and the national trust
I know you didn’t mean not to be negative, I try to be positive and I’ve got a lot of hobbies sometimes it’s good to hear someone else’s perspective