Forum rules

September 2, 2021

Please read these along with our website terms and conditions and our forum terms and conditions.

What is the forum for?

Our forum is a place where people affected by stroke can share experiences, exchange views and support one another.

Who is it for?

The forum is here for anyone affected by stroke as long as you’re over 18. This means people who have had a stroke, families, friends and carers. All are welcome to join.

Stay safe

The forum is public and everything that is posted here can be found on search engines. People are not necessarily who they say they are on the forum. Keep yourself safe by sticking to the following rules:

Be respectful

Think before you post


Don’t advertise or do research

Keep it relevant

Be legal - read the terms of use

The terms of use of this website set out the legal obligations that you agree to when using this site. Be sure you know what they are. The document is long, but you’ll only have to read it once. Only post content that you have written yourself. If you would like to share the work of another person that may be relevant, be sure to only use a short excerpt of the material and acknowledge the person who wrote it. If you would like to share the entire work, include a link to a place where other members can find it.

We will remove posts that breach copyright immediately. We really don’t have a choice on that.


Our team of moderators check the forum regularly to ensure that we are keeping to these guidelines and the terms of use. Where we can, we will try to moderate in a way that doesn’t interrupt the flow of conversation.

When you write to us - either by clicking on ‘Report post’ or by emailing - we will get back to you as quickly as we can, usually within 3 working days. Note that if several people report a post using the ‘Report post’ link, we will only respond to the first person.

How to complain

Forum members sometimes prefer to complain about (or compliment) the charity using the forum. It is valuable to some users to know that others are aware of their complaints. But this isn’t the best way to contact the charity about these issues.

You can address your comments, compliments and complaints by emailing us at

Keep talking to us

We do our best to moderate the forum according to these guidelines and the terms of use but we sometimes miss things.

We rely on forum users to help us by letting us know. Email us at